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Dec 2009
Chapel Hill, NC
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As I'm waiting for my first beer to ferment I've decided to explore different craft beers that I've heard about on this forum to get an idea of what I like and don't like (and of course to build up a stock of empty bottles to use). For everyday I've normally stuck with good full bodied beers I could buy by the case like Sierra Nevada and Sam' Adams, but in the past few weeks I had the revelation of trying Rogue's Santa Reserve and their Dead Guy Ale (both of which I loved especially Dead Guy). I was trying to find Arrogant Bastard today--couldn't find it but I did find Double Bastard (which was good but a tad too strong to think of brewing 5 gallons of). I have a 22 oz bottle of Fat Tire to try next. Any other craft beers I should check out to guide my future brewing selections?

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Oct 2009
Valparaiso, Indiana
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It might be blasphemy here, but I've been using Michelob bottles. Their craft beers aren't too terrible and its cheaper than buying alot of higher end craft beers primarily for bottles. Don't get me wrong, now that I have my stock of empites, I'll pick up good craft beers to see what I like and don't and to get an idea for tastes, but for bottles I try to stay on the cheap.

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Nov 2009
Posts: 32

Dogfish Head puts out some really good stuff, the 90 minute IPA is one of my favs. I also recently discovers Allagash St. Curiex if you can find it. Samuel Smith is pretty awesome as well.

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Apr 2009
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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is considered a 'gateway' beer for a lot of craft enthusiasts (as is Fat Tire). Their Torpedo is an amazing IPA. I'd also branch out and try some beers featuring roasted malts. I'm not sure if Deschutes is distributed in NC, but Black Butte Porter, Obsideon Stout, and Mirror Pond PA are all world-class examples of their respective styles. Also, if you can find anything from Lagunitas, Russian River, Bear Republic (Hop Rod Rye and Racer 5 are great), or other well respected microbreweries you most likely won't be disappointed.

You might also check out some of the Belgians. They are quite unique compared to what you are used to drinking. St. Bernardus Triple is a personal favorite, and all the Trappist offerings are amazing.

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Aug 2009
Atwater, OH
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Bell's 2 Hearted Ale, my absolute favorite beer!!!
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Nov 2009
Marietta, GA
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oskar blues. the stuff in the cans. you cannot go wrong.

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Old 01-02-2010, 04:13 AM   #7
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Jan 2008
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Bells - Hop Slam & Expidition Stout if you can get it.
Founders is great as well
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Jan 2009
Ames, Iowa
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anything made by victory brewing is also a winner (prima pils, hop wallop, storm king, etc.)
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Dec 2009
Wilmington, DE
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Since you already found Rouge, check out their XS: Imperial India Pale Ale.

Great beer, plus all the XS beers come in a really cool ceramic bottle.


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Old 01-02-2010, 05:06 AM   #10
Jan 2010
Posts: 35

Good idea on the michelob bottles, been buying the craft beers and trying to plow through them. had the victory hop wallop... is the victory hop devil more or less hoppy?

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