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Oct 2006
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Hi, I just joined, looks like a good site!

I've just started a cider, using about 600ml of concentrate, 6 litres of commercial juice, 1 kg of dextrose and "cider yeast" (I assume it's a wine yeast), all made up to 23L with water. Original SG was about 1.080. I added the juice to give it some more flavour, since the concentrate to water ratio seemed a bit weak.

The fermentation has died down a bit now (it had a BIG Krausen), SG is about 1.040.

What I want to do is get a strong, sweet apple flavour, maybe with some spices (strong alcohol content would be nice too, but I don't want to kill the taste).
How do I prevent the cider getting too dry, and what is a safe way to add cinnamon and cloves without causing infection? I thought of boiling them in a bag first, but what do I use for a bag?

Thanks for your help!

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To keep some sweetness, you can either chemically kill off the yeast by adding a preservative or other compound designed to stop fermentation or you can pasteurize (heat to about 160 for 10-15 mins) your cider when it tastes good to you. To get more alcohol content and still maintain some sweetness, let it ferment completely, then add a non-fermentable sugar like lactose or Splenda to taste.

Make a spice "tea" by boiling about a cup of water, then steep the spices in it just like you would for tea. I wouldn't worry about using a bag, just dump the whole thing into the cider. The solids will settle out, and the flavor should remain.
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Oct 2006
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Any ideas how much cinnamon and cloves for 23L (about 6 gallons I think)?

Also, how do you aerate the cider if the yeast have been killed? Do you have to use co2? I thought of just letting the alcohol get high enough to kill the yeast, then adding more sugar, but then I'd have the same problem.

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If you kill the yeast, you will have a still/flat cider. If you want it bubbly, you will have to wait out the fermentation, then add a little sugar at bottling, or use carbonation drops.
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