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Originally Posted by Schlenkerla View Post
I liked this beer. I got a sixer the other day and drank 3 with an hour, and was thinking I don't have enough!!! Got another sixer the day after...

Definitely a good beer, hopefully this won't stay as a seasonal.
I'm right there with you regarding the seasonal thing, this should be their standard lager. I don't drink a lot of SA beers but that is not to say that I don't like them. To date the Oktoberfest has been my favourite but now it is the Pils.

Having spent three years living and working in Germany, I got hooked on pils. The aroma of the Noble Pils is not quite up to standard but the spiciness and the malt backbone make this the best pils I've had from the states. I will be adding some SA bottles to bottle supply.
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I had this on draft this weekend. What stood out to me was the flavor hops. It thought it was much more than typical in a pilsner, probably a nod to all of the hop fans out there. My judge for this is what my burps taste like. This beer burped more like a pale ale or IPA than a pilsner. To me, burps from a typical pilsner remind me of the bitterness in the beer. With the SA, it reminded me of the hop flavor.

If I were to brew something like this, I'd take my favorite Pilsner recipe and double the amount of hops added at the 20-15 min. mark. I'd leave everything else the same, except maybe doing a FWH addition, instead of a 60 min. addition if you aren't already doing this (I almost always FWH).
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I tried it...

Super hoppy for samuel addams. At first I thought it was tasty. 2nd one down started to get a weird taste on my tongue. And the 3rd one really came across to me as not being well balanced hop wise.

Its not a terrible beer, but personally my first impression drastically changed rather quickly with it, which i was surprised with. I do believe i will avoid this beer. After finishing the rest of the 6 pack over the past few days I just don't really enjoy it much.

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My extract pseudo pilsner is better.

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I had a 22oz of this on draft the other week at a Glory Days. The flavor hops were certainly present, but I was surprised at how much maltiness was lurking in there. It was... actually a little much.
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Mar 2009
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It's beers like SA noble pils that make me want to get off my butt and start brewing lagers. On a note about cloning this one, I've heard that Sam adams uses the carlsberg yeast a lot for their lagers. I think it's a fair assumption to say they probably used it to brew this one as well. I would go with Wyeast 2124 for this as a first try. Just a thought.
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I had this for the first time this past weekend at (of all places) an Applebee's. I've gone back since.

some 20 years ago I was in Bavaria for an extended period. This is the same (and as good as) the pils I would get there. I'm not all that high on SA in general, but they have outdone themselves on this.

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Originally Posted by mithion View Post
On a note about cloning this one, I've heard that Sam adams uses the carlsberg yeast a lot for their lagers. I think it's a fair assumption to say they probably used it to brew this one as well. I would go with Wyeast 2124 for this as a first try. Just a thought.
Sweet, thanks Mithion, never knew that. I was planning to use WLP830, the WL equivalent of 2124, but maybe the Wyeast 2042 Danish Lager? Supposedly its from Carlsberg. I have no experience with it though.
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Just finished my first glass of this before seeing this thread. My buddy had kept asking if I'd tried it yet and I saw it at Kroger today while picking up some stuff for the wife for dinner. Definitely happy about the purchase. Maybe I'll try lagers this year. Definitely want to do an Octoberfest, but a nice hoppy Pilsener would be nice too.
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