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A newer version 1.2.2 is now here.

I give you Brewtarget 1.2.1! Has lots of little bug fixes and stuff since 1.2 was released.

As always, it's free, open source, and works on linux, windows, mac, and more. It's compatible with recipes by software that use BeerXML like Beersmith. In case you're unfamiliar with brewtarget, see the 1.1 thread.

Download it here:

New Features
  • Even more accurate calculations.
  • Shows percentages of each ingredient and IBUs for each hop addition.
  • Can now choose between SI/US/Imperial units independently for mass, volume, and temperature
  • Many more hops in database, and average values for all the major hop oils are included with each hop type.
  • Can copy recipes.
  • Can backup and restore all recipes easily.
  • Tool to scale recipes.
  • Tool to convert between units.
  • Tool to hit your OG if you miss your anticipated efficiency.
  • Priming calculator.
  • Can copy your whole recipe to the clipboard to paste into the forums, or to print out.
  • Can choose between Daniels', Morey's, and Mosher's color formulae.
  • Can choose between Tinseth and Rager IBU calculations.
  • Can save and recall mash profiles.
  • Shows style limits on the main window.
  • Shows boil SG.

There are probably more, but I can't think of them right now.

Windows Installation
Unzip to wherever. Right click "brewtarget.exe" and then "Send to desktop" or any other method to make a shortcut on your desktop.

Mac Installation
Unzip the app to wherever. You need to have the Qt 4.6.2 (or greater) runtime library installed. Go here: then LGPL, then Framework Only. NOTE: there is a problem with some of the Qt versions for mac (including 4.6.0), in that they are missing a few essential components (QtDBus libraries). This is a bug with Qt that I have no control over, but has been fixed since 4.6.2.

Linux Installation
Download the .deb and use dpkg to install as usual. You need to install the libraries for Qt 4.5 or above, as well as Phonon. If you can't use dpkg, you probably want the .tar.bz2 download, which is the source. The build process is the standard "./configure && make && make install".

Getting Started
Before you do ANYTHING, please go through the example recipe in About->Manual. This example tries to hit on all the features and how to use brewtarget in general.

Ongoing Translations
I am preparing to release translations of the software. However, I need help. I have someone translating to French and Croatian, but I need help translating to other languages (especially like German, Spanish, and other major languages). You only need to be fluent in both English and another language. You need no programming experience. Keep in mind that you have to know all the beer jargon like "wort," "hops," "decoction," etc. There are about 700 short phrases to translate. If you're interested in doing this for a language, PM me your email address, and I'll send you more details. There's no deadline; you just work on it when you have time.

Anyway, enjoy!

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snagged... Thanks. And remember to propst the thread guys.

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cheers and a happy new year

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DLing it now...

been using 1.1 and like the simple nature of it.
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I will try it again!

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Sweet, I'll have to download it when I get home from work tonight

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Schweet! Thanks, I'll give feedback after I have info.

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when entering your equipment data is there a way to un-highlight the remove equipment button, i hit return by accident before i'd finished entering all my data and it removed everything i'd just entered.
also do you have to manually save the database after you've entered new info, i had a crash and my recipe and equipment data disappeared.

only minor niggles, everything else seems awesome though, thanks again, martin

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Originally Posted by martinworswick View Post
i had a crash and my recipe and equipment data disappeared.
whenever i try and start the mash wizard it causes it to crash, i've tried it 3 times with 3 crashes, i'm using a mac if it makes any difference.


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