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Ok, the title doesn't say too much... I promise, I'm not a convict anywhere. In fact, quite the opposite. I work for a particular law enforcement agency, and the topic of jail hooch came up. I want to try a spin off on it, but am not quite sure where to start... Here is what I have so far, I am looking for anyone with input as to what flavor this may produce, and if anyone has very basic ideas to add to a recipe.

I'm trying to produce a fermented beverage in a 1 gallon carboy(I don't want to risk spilling wort from a garbage bag.) I'm using products that can be found in a jail commisary. I'm sure all of us are on the up and up here and have actually never spent time in jail, and have no idea what I'm referring to... My example is like this, you can buy instant oatmeal(steeping grain, and sugars) and you can buy fresh fruit(flavoring) you can not obviously buy hops, or crystal malt and all of that. Does anyone here know what else I may be able to add to produce somewhat of a flavor here? the recipe I ran through BrewBuilder is as follows:

1lb 8oz of flaked oatmeal (I don't want to use instant just because I want a controlled output as my first trial)

1lb of Turbinado sugar (BrewBuilder doesn't have table sugar as an additive... I would like to use table sugar... Any ideas for conversion?)

I would then like a fruit flavor additive, like apple, cinnamon or cherry. Maybe a few tea bags?

Brew Builder says this sugar and oat recipe in one gallon of water will make 7.34abv.

What about the yeast you say?? I don't want to use slices of bread and I'm not in a lambic mood, so I'm relying on the crafty mind of prison contraband here... I'm pretty sure someone can write a letter, or 5 and throw a dash of dry ale yeast into an envelope with the letter-then mail it to the jail. How hard is it to make a starter out of a dash or 5(really thinking about a teaspoon) of ale yeast and some sugar water? I picked Nottingham just for simplicity, but I guess any dry yeast would work(?)

So now that I've added yeast, plus the above recipe I should have a successful outcome. Anyone have anything to add?

I'm looking forward to trying this, and have a few homebrewersat work looking to try some recipes out. Any help is greatly sought, and i think it would be a fun, lighter side of homebrew...

Edit. OG would be 1.075 and FG 1.019= 7.34 with an SRM of 7.97
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soak several slices of bread in hot water, add fruit and more water, let sit.


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I really hope you are a corrections officer and you are trying to build a "watch list" for commissary purchases.

I think that brew builder set you astray, you are not going to get much if anything from the oats.

I would predict you will have a hazy liquor that will be very warm on the tongue, with only 5% ABV
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Please take the "jailhouse hooch" discussions out of this forum. There are plenty of other places on the internet to discuss it, and you can certainly google "pruno" and find out more. You can also use the search and find a thread on "grocery items that make beer" or something like that.

HINT: You'll get far more fermentables out of ketchup, canned fruit, and the like rather than oatmeal.

Our forum is geared to making quality wines, meads, ciders, and beers. Not pruno, or other alcoholic products that can be found elsewhere.
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