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Dec 2009
Bloomington-Normal, IL USA
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I have my first batch of homebrew, (Irish Red Ale) in the primary and, being a first time brewer, worry about it too much. From the other post I have read, this is a common thing amoung noobs, but I worry nonetheless. Over all, things have gone well, but I am still a little nervous and have a couple questions. 1) I did my boil in a 5 gallon granite-ware pot. I read later that you should not boil in aluminum. I have not been able to figure out what granite-ware pots are made of, anybody know?
2) the recipe called for steeping the grains for 30, min., adding extract, bring to a boil, add hops and boil for 60min and add more hops for the last 2 minutes. I steeped the grains, added the extract and added the hops when I saw what I thought was the first boil bubble.... only it wasn't boiling. I started the 60 min timer, but boling didn't really begin until after the hops were already in for 45 min. How will that affect the beer?

Other than that, everything has gone pretty well. I am looking forward to bottling and drinking.

Thanks for your help!

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Nov 2009
Northfield, Minnesota
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1) I've made both of my batches in graniteware and they were great. I've heard to keep a look out for any chips, etc in it because it can rust and produce off flavors. I believe it's aluminum under whatever that stuff is.

2) Might make the beer a little more bitter but I'm sure it will taste great.

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Oct 2009
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1) There is nothing wrong with aluminum. You can use a seasoned aluminum pot as your kettle. I do it all of the time.

2) It will still taste like beer, but your hop profile will not taste quite right. The longer you boil the more you pull bitterness out of the hops.
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May 2006
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This will start a debate, you are Fine to boil in aluminum. A lot of people use them so do not fear that at all. You will be fine at the times you did for this brew. I like to see some break material forming before adding my bittering hops. I set my timer for 65 minutes and add the first charge of hops at 60.
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Oct 2009
Aurora, IL
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1. Nothing wrong with boiling in Aluminum... check out the post about Stainless vs. Aluminum.

2. No big deal on the hops - search for thread on FirstWortHopping... beer will be fine. Some people around here actually do the same thing on purpose!

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Mar 2009
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Aluminum is fine- that's what I use, and a lot of people on here use it (although a lot of people also would never use it). Just maintain the passive oxide layer, and you're fine. Not sure what granite-ware is though...
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Jan 2009
Johns Creek, GA
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Congratulations on the new hobby! My first beer was also an Irish Red Ale.

Aluminum (aluminium for you guys across the pond) is fine for boiling. Just make sure you boil some water in the pot before you start making beer in there. This is to prepare the surface of the aluminum pot for your beer boiling. (I brew in aluminum).

I believe Granite-Ware are made of steel and glass? (I could be wrong). Either way, this should be fine. RDWHAHB

You really need to boil the hops for the full time indicated on the instructions to get the full benefit. I'll let someone with more experience give you the details on the how/why.

I have a few beers under my belt but am still a newb as well. Did you give it a taste test? I taste test throughout the process.
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May 2009
Lititz, PA
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I'm not sure I'm clear on how long you boiled. Did the hops sit in the wort for 45 mins and then you boiled for 60 more or did you only boil for 15 minutes after the 45 minute hops bath?
If the latter, you might have a nice hoppy smelling but not very bitter, slightly cloudy beer.

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Dec 2009
Lancaster PA
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From the images on google. Granite-Ware is enameled. It's the same stuff canning pots are made out of and these several brewers suggested I use one as a cheap first pot, since I already can

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Jan 2007
Green Bay, WI
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1. Your good I use aluminum and have never noticed any off flavors, or had any issues.

2. My first beer was also an Irish Red Ale, Brewers Best Kit, I did the exact same thing unknowingly, turned out fine.

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