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Originally Posted by Zamial View Post
"I brew with a water cooler and some part from the toilet." - JohnnyO

"I do gravity feed the last gallon or two through my Therminator, but I expect you could suck start a Volkswagen before you could suck start one of these. - GilaMinumBeer

"..... Bull was right." - TXCurtis

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I am a COnstruction estimator for both large and small communications projects so I was estimating my costs per beer even before I bought the first thing. I have went as cheap as you can and still be super serious with the hobby. I have 2 free refridgerators from craigslist, buy most ingredients in bulk through a brew club, got a 9 gallon pot and burner for $50 from Sams club,wash yeast, etc,etc. With that said I would say I have around $1,200.00 in "capital costs" and not really sure for ingredients. I have a sacks of grain for ~$30 and hops for ~10/lb, but I never cheap out when making the beer I want to. I hit up BMW ( they are just 10 miles from me) frequently for all the small things to make my beers over the top. So beers cost me( capital cost aside) between $0.25-$.75/pint.

I would never be a CPA. I don't care about the pennies, and you guys can make the numbers say whatever you want them to. I argue with CPA/controllers all the time to get the information I actually need to be correct. ANyway screw the numbers and have a homebrew..

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# of batches = 10
Your problem is obvious and the solution is simple... You need to drink more! If you drink more you can brew more; thus reducing your per-pint cost. think "economies of scale"...

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This thread has been a big relief for me. So far in this hobby, I have spent just under $1400.00 in equipment. Thank Cathulu for a nice tax return and an understanding SWMBO (also, my pimp hand is strong as well!) I was thinking that my costs were way out of line, but now its clear that there is a long way to go before we get to 'way out of line.' And a good thing too, as I still need to get a third keg for an HLT, build a single tier, buy a pump, and get a keezer or kegerator going. I started keeping track of how much all this stuff was costing me when I told the wife about spending over $600.00 at Norcal Brewing Solutions (two full size FB's), Barginfittings (3 ball valves, weldless fittings and a dipitube), Brewer's Hardware (some tri-clover fittings, racking cane) and Ebay (got two tri-clover attachable diptubes for easy removal) My wife just sighed and said, "This WILL be cheaper than buying beer, eventually, right?" Of course, honey.
I have brewed 25 gallons of beer so far, in five gallon batches. I have not kept track of ingredient costs, but just in equipment costs, my beer is $7.00/pint. Of course, it is a hobby, the equipment will amortize over time, and could be sold if needed, so I am not freaking out, but still. I am amazed at how fast it goes.

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Well, I've only taken 2 semesters of accounting, and am working on my business degree. I like to justify certain purchases as assets that could easily be liquidated on craigslist if I ever wanted to. That way your just trading a cash asset for an equipment asset that could be traded back for a cash asset. : )

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Wife: What's that humming noise?
Me: What humming noise?
Wife: There's a humming noise...I hear it.
Me: I don't hear a humming noise.
Wife: There's a humming noise...it sounds like it's coming from your closet.
Me: Oh, that's probably my chest freezer.

This is why marriages don't last. I'm not saying you specifically will fail, but seriously. How can this BS continue in a relationship. Now I love brewing as much as the next guy and am always looking toward the next upgrade but this is out of hand. My wife tolerates my obsession because I am very honest and open about it.

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"My ADDICTION" - you pegged it.

Do you walk past Great Fermentations on the way to work ? You must get paid twice a month since that seems to be the frequency you bought stuff.

Strategy for reducing pint costs:
1. Sell old equipment: $ paid - $ made = new value of $ paid
2. Park somewhere else
3. Start thinking variety. "I can't move to 10gal batches, then it'll take me even longer
before I can brew the next style."
4. Show your wife your spreadsheet along with the rest of the stuff you spend money on.
You wanted to know a method...
5. Buy bulk grains, hops, etc. Hops are expensive at $/oz. but way cheap at $/lb.
6. Wait 4 weeks after you decide you want something before you actually buy it.

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Mar 2011
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To the OP: do you have an updated sheet?

My guess is that your cost is dropping, but then again you see to like buying equipment. I mean you bought a 20 qt pot and then the next day bought a 30 qt pot.

I love seeing the lay out though. $8 a pint isn't even to ridiculous, and you have over 3k invested with 10 batches. My guess is if you are brewing lighter summer beers then that cost has dropped way down.

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that's what i'm sayin. i don't have a ton of extreme eqpt. i do have a brewstand, and the kegs for hlt, brewing, and mashing, and a self-made kegerator, etc. i bet i'm still at less than 50 cents a pint, and declining every pint, but i don't care
There is no "i" in denial.

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I have fully justified my hobby. I figured the cost of what would buy (Commercial) if I was not brewing my own. In my case, the place down the street sells a 6er of Golden Monkey for $20. Thats 3.33 a bottle. Now I take my batch of GM Clone which is really close now and brew 10 gallons at roughly 100 bottles a batch. that comes out to 333.33 dollars worth of beer. I spent 56 dollars in ingredients and 30 in packaging (Freecycled bottles and oxyclean) which yields me 247.33 to spend on equipment. 10 batches worth of savings is 2473.33.

There is some logic in there somewhere but I pay for my equipment and upgrades.with my savings. Buy everything in bulk except yeast.

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