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Hell, the best after-dinner digestif is four Rolaids tablets and another beer!

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Originally Posted by dataz722 View Post
If you are buying decent vodka, which I would think you would need to, how is this saving you any money?
The trick is that you don't buy the vodka in the first place.

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where is the distilling forum anyway?

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I do love some Jager. Got a tap machine from my brothers for my bachelor party.

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Originally Posted by Beyowka View Post
where is the distilling forum anyway?

No distilling forum. Sorry.

Register Now!

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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99 View Post
I drank "Jagermeister" and another drink called "Unterberg" a lot in Germany.

It's an after dinner drink used to aid in digesting your food. I never drank it cold or mixed with anything either. I'm sure it loses its intended medicinal properties that way.

Anyway, from a website:

For most of its 131-year history in Germany, Jagermeister had been an after-dinner digestif. I've always been fascinated by how Americans have turned that tradition on its head by making it a shooter. By now, we've exported the idea back to Germany, and you'll see young Germans sucking down Jager shots. Jagermeister, in my opinion, is still best enjoyed straight and not as a cocktail mixer.

Jaegermeister went down very well with the raver crowd, so it's not completely true to say that it was reexported to the Germans.
The young people were drinking it on the way home from raves and it allegedly goes very well with an ecstacy buzz......

In any case there was a modern revival of it in the last few years as "ravermeister" you can even get the t-shirts and the rave mix CD's.
But never mixed with anything in germany, fui-katze as the Germans would say to that

You didn't say you didn't love me, when you were stretched out across my bed
You're drinkin' moonshine whisky and talking all outta your head.
Rory Gallagher - Pistol Slapper Blues (Trad)

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If you take cheap vodka and run it through a brita filter a few times, it will remove a lot of the bad taste. It's good for doing mixes/extracts etc.

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this is the best homebrew thread ever.

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It looks like I'm in the minority on here but I really enjoy Jager. I usually keep a bottle on hand. I'm not going to witch doctor my own anyways, it's not like a bottle is $75. It's like $25 for 750mL. That comes out to roughly $1 a serving using a shot as a serving size.

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Originally Posted by Beyowka View Post
where is the distilling forum anyway?
Try here:

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