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Nov 2009
Sterling Heights, MI
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I was asking him what he felt about two Brewer's Best kits..An American Cream ale and a Blond Ale. Telling him I wanted to brew them now, so they would be ready and peaking around spring/summer.
He tells me that this is stupid cause he guarantees they will go bad by then.
Thats what he said they will go "bad"
So I didn't buy, of course, but is he nuts? He said 90 days is far too long.
Plan would be 2 weeks in primary, 1-2 in secondary, then bottle. It's Mid December now, I was hoping for an easy drinking, light brew say March/April. Is that too long to store?

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Apr 2008
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Is he on crack: anything is possible.

Will the go bad in 4 months: Definitely not.

The last Blonde Ale I did, I left in Primary for 2 months, then bottled. That was in 2007. I think I drank the last one the other
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Dec 2007
north Georgia
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not at all. i would take him one then to share a "bad" beer.
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Aug 2009
Atwater, OH
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It won't go bad by then, lol! As long as you practice good sanitation you're golden.
Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
And I'd like to see my 1.080 beers ready from grain to glass in a week, and served to me by red-headed twin penthouse pets wearing garter belts and fishnet stockings, with Irish accents, calling me "master luv gun," but we can't always get what we want can we? :)

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May 2009
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Tell him you fixed it by stamping a "drink by" date of 12/12/12.
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It sounds like he believes the hype of the "born on" dates. My dad also told me that you shouldn't drink any beer that is more than 90 days old. He told me "Fresh beer is good beer!"

Now, some beers do taste better young, while some beers need months or years to age to their best. But as a general rule, some conditioning makes a beer better. The flavors meld, the beer clears, and excess "stuff" falls out of suspension. I would think that 12 weeks from brewday would be a great time to open the first cream ale! You even have time for some cold conditioning.
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Old 12-13-2009, 02:46 PM   #7
Wade E
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Mar 2008
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Crazy talk I tell you, crazy!

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Old 12-13-2009, 03:13 PM   #8
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Oct 2005
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Back when I was young, (gum smack), breweries bragged about how long they aged their beer.
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Oct 2009
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Thats the prob with a LHBS. 90% of the guys seem to think that they know something about beer the moment they put their name tag on.

I called my local LHBS yesterday afternoon to see if they had gotten Imperial Pint bottles in yet. I also needed some light DME so I asked about that. The convo went something like:

"Yeah, we got a couple cases of Dried Malt Extract in the other day. They're in the walk in freezer."


"Oh, you mean for home-brewing"


"Let me check"

5 minute wait

"Yeah, we have tons of it."

The one truly knowledgeable person there either quit or got fired a few months back. A damn shame.

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Jun 2007
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Well, both those styles are low-gravity, and not highly hopped. So their shelf life for 'peak' flavor is shorter than, oh say a stout or porter.

Maybe he's just an extreme beer snob and feels they need to be minimally aged and drank young while at peak. But if that's his feelings, he should state it that way instead of preaching it like gospel.
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