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Dec 2009
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I'm passing my brewing equipment on to my son but it has been a few years since I brewed my last batch. Below is my recipe for a Sam Adams clone. Please review and pass along any suggestions. Thanks, Gary

Sam Adams Recipe

1. .25 lb Muntons Carapils Malt ($.50)
2. . 5 lb Muntons 60 L Crystal Malt ($1.10)
3. 1 muslin malt bag ( $.10)
4. 2 Briess CBW Pilsen Light pure malt extract (2 @ $11.50 - $23)
5. 1 oz Hallertau Hop pellets ($3.25)
6. 1 oz Tettnang Hop pellets ($2.75)
7. 2112 California Lager Yeast ($6.95)
8. 5 oz Priming Sugar (
9. 144 crown caps ($2.39)
Total cost: $40
Day 1: Use oxclean to remove any crud from the equipment. Create a chlorine cleaning solution by adding 1 tablespoon bleach to 2.5 gallons cold water. Rinse afterwards with hot water to remove chlorine. Clean porcelain cooking pot, primary, plastic sheet with chlorine bleach solution and any cooking utensils. Soak the malt extract cans in hot water so it pours easily.
Place 2 gallons of cold filtered water in the enamel pot (you can measure in the primary).
Place the malt grains (#1 and #2) in the muslin cheese cloth bag (#3) and place in the pot. Bring the water simmer (140 to 160 degrees) for 30 minutes.
Remove and discard the malt grain bag.
Now add the malt extract (#4) and stir. You can rinse the containers with the boiling water to get all of the malt from the cans and bring back to a boil.
After 10 minutes add the Hallerttauer hop pellets (#5).
After 40 minutes add of the Tettnang hop pellets (#6)
After 5 minutes add (the rest) of the Tettnang hop pellets (#6).
After 5 minutes (1 hour total cooking time) turn off the heat.
Add 2 gallons of cold water to the primary fermentor (white trashcan).
Now add the heated wort to the primary and top off with cold water to 5 gallon mark and cover with plastic and bungee cord.
Day 2: Once the wort has cooled clean the hydrometer with chlorine cleaner and measure the specific gravity and record.
Check the temperature to make sure it is below 78.
Now add the yeast following instruction on the bag.
Cover the primary and attach the bungee cord.
Day 3- 4: a kraeusen foamy head will form to indicate the yeast is working. Clean a spoon and remove the dark hop resins on the top of the foam (this will make the beer biter if not removed.)
Day 5: You should see very little foam. Clean you hydrometer and measure the specific gravity. Clean you transfer hose, plastic pipe and air lock. Transfer the wort to the secondary (the glass carboy). Add col filtered water until the level is at the bottom of the neck. Cap with carboy with the air lock. You should see a ring of bubbles form a collar at the surface near the neck.
Day 6-19: Once the bubbles slow down measure the specific gravity until it remains the same for two days (usually in 10-14 days).
Day 20: Clean the beer bottles, primary, 1 qt pot, spoon, hose, bottling pipe and pipe. You can also sanitize the caps in boiling water if you want.
Transfer the beer to the primary (white trashcan).
Take 1 cup of beer and place in a 1 qt pot and add the priming sugar. Bring to a boil. Now add back to the beer and stir (this will carbonate the beer in the bottles).
Fill each bottle with 1 inch of head space and cap.
Wait 14 days before tasting the beer. You are done.

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the beer needs to lager, meaning stored at below 40F for at least a month. he can do that either in the bottles or in the carboy. also, all recipes i have seen for SAdams involves a dry hop in the secondary or primary carboy.

aside from that, this beer really needs a decoction mash to bring out the malty flavor in the pilsen malt. as this can only be done with all-grain, the beer will probably be good, but not anything like sam adams.

in my opinion, this is a poor choice for someone's first homebrew. there is a high risk of screwing it up which will lead to dissappointment, which will lead to not pursuing a wonderful pastime.

i would start him off with a simple ale. something he can be drinking in 4-5 weeks.
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i too would make the first batch simple. some base malt, a little crystal, and some 60/30/flameout hop additions.

many a fine beer have been made from simple recipes.
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I actually have simulated decoction with PMs.

I simmer 2 cups or so of the mashing malt in a separate skillet until damn near burnt. It works really well.

Also - 2 briess CBW???

What is the quantity of that?(not "2" but lbs or oz?)

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