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Originally Posted by TipsyDragon View Post
im probably still early to even be thinking about this but. i brewed my first batch of mead on 2/01/09 so I'm rapidly approaching month 11 of aging. the top half of the brew is clear enough to see through. but the bottom half is still cloudy. i was planning on waiting till the end of this year before bottling. but seeing as I'm only 50% clear I'm having second thoughts. should i just let it sit a few more months and let it clear the rest of the way or add a fining agent?
I'd just wait & let it do it's thing; I mean if the top 1/2 is clear, it's just a matter of time before the bottom 1/2 is clear too. If the lees are over 1" I'd rack it though. You can certainly fine if you want, I just think that time will do the job just fine... No pun intended. Regards, GF.

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I think wayneb (Hi wayneb) is wise. If I ever do "cheat", the Super Kleer product, as jcobbs discovered, is nothing short of amazing.

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i racked off the lees LONG ago. i racked to a secondary after a month. and racked to another carboy about 3ish months after that (wasnt very much on the bottom of the secondary). its been sitting ever since. from what you guys have said its both normal and abnormal for my mead to still be cloudy. i guess ill just let it sit for a while longer.
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Mead is a strange beast.

My english breakfast tea mead was clear in primary in about 6 weeks.

My lemonade mead (Homebrewer99's recipe in the DB) was made in june and is still super cloudy. I think i'm going to try some superkleer or something on it.
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Just a note, I just put some sparkaloid in a just under 6 gallon batch that wasn't clearing at all and not even 2 days later I can read through the stuff in a 6 gallon glass carboy. I'm gonna bottle in a week or so.

If you're interested, I boiled 1 pint of water and added 5 teaspoons of sparkaloid and continued the boil for a few minutes. I removed the mixture from the heat for a minute or two, then while still hot I added it to the mead.

Side note here... Before I made up the sparkaloid mixture I racked into a ferment bucket. Then I made up the sparkaloid mix and added the mix into the mead while it was in the ferment bucket. Then I racked it back into the glass carboy. And the results a day and a half later are being able to read through it.
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You can also pour it (slowly) directly into a carboy that has enough headspace to accommodate the additional liquid (a great excuse to pull a large sample for extended "tasting," IMHO!). I typically use a sanitized, long necked funnel to get the sparkolloid liquid right down into the must with a minimum of splashing and consequentially introduced air. Then I'll stir the must slowly with my stir rod (also sanitized), put the airlock and stopper back in place, and usually the clearing happens within a couple of days.

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