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Aug 2009
Los Angeles, California
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FYI for any HBTers going to Costco soon, but I saw cases of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale at an LA-area store for $22.99.

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Feb 2008
Sierra foothills CA
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My local Bevmo has Celebration for $12.99/12 pak. That's a good deal IMO

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Jan 2006
Santa Cruz, CA.
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I've been buying these for about a month. The Pale Ale is $23.99. It's an easy choice.

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Aug 2009
Monroe, NC
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I need a Costco membership. At less than $1 a beer, that's a great price for a great everyday beer.

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Nov 2008
Spokane, Wa
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Hmm, I'll check this week
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Dec 2008
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I wish my Costco had Jubelale. They had it last year! They did have Bud Light in speaker boxes.
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Sep 2009
North Phoenix, AZ
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I wish my Costco had Jubelale. They had it last year! They did have Bud Light in speaker boxes.

Wow I tried the dechutes jubelale ....did not like it, and I was actually sad that I did not like it...I supose my taste in beer does not line up with some others.

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Aug 2008
Camano Island, Washington
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They have Jubelale at mine for about that price. They had Snow Cap too.
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Aug 2008
, New York
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I thought this year's Celebration was all around somewhat lacking. I'm glad I didn't buy a case.

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Apr 2009
Portland, OR
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Wow, this year's Celebration (in the bottle) is my favorite current beer. And the current Jubelale was disappointing in the bottle, but on tap is delicious. To each his own, I guess.

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