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Feb 2009
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Pretty much no matter what I make they end up being the same color. I use extract kits..

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May 2009
Los Angeles
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So, you've made a witbier, and a stout, and they look the same next to each other?

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Mar 2009
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yea I'm with weirdboy. give us some clue what beers you have made. if they are all within the same SMR range of course they are going to look the same. not like the yeast paint little signs on the inside of the bottles telling what kind of beer they made.

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May 2009
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I would guess you are making somewhat similiar beer styles. If you made say a basic American Pale Ale and then an American Amber or even a stout you would probably notice more color variation. With similiar recipes all using mainly light DME or LME you will probably end up with a similiar color to them.

Extracts will never yield a very light color. It is just the nature of how they are processed. The only real effect for this is that you can not get a very light colored pale ale or pilsner. It will always be a bit darker than someone who is making the same recipe all grain. This shouldn't have an effect on the flavor though.
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Are you using prehopped kits, or liquid extract? What color is the extract to start? Dry extract comes in extra light, light, amber, dark, etc. I always bought extra light, and then used specialty grains for color and flavor. Even then, the extract beers were a bit darker than all grain beer.

If you're buying canned liquid extract, it could be a bit older and that will cause it to darken.

What beers have you made, and what were the ingredients?
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Oct 2009
Hammond, Wisconsin
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I use extract kits and I can tell the difference from the Cream Ale, to a nut brown, to the multigrain red, to the Single hop best bitter. They all have discernible characteristics. Waiting for my Bavarian Hefe to get to bottling stage so I can enjoy it's wonderful color in my glass

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May 2008
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Just throwing out a guess here, but are you using only Amber LME?

Or maybe Dark LME? or maybe Dark + Amber?

If so, you probably won't see much of a difference in beer color.
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Old 12-10-2009, 12:16 AM   #8
Feb 2009
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I am using kits from the LHBs. I have done all ales and they all come out about the same color..

The one I have in my keg right now is SNPA and it is suppose to be a 4. Looks more like a 5.. I dunno I don't like the look of this beer. Odd color to me.

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Oct 2009
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If you do grain steeping/use a little specialty grains with the extract, maybe you didn't mash the grains enough?

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