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Apr 2009
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Why is it...I can't drink at work, but I can drink at home and get more done?!?!?

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You just can't get caught drinking at work. There is a difference.
Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage View Post
Sorry, I am sworn as a mod to disagree with the above statement. But as a rational person, I do agree.
Originally Posted by Randar View Post
I was wrong

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May 2008
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Company insurance. Too many risks with individuals who have no control.
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Is it the drinking or the sitting on your couch nekkid?
Hey, knock that shvt off. We're drinkin' here.

Reason: typo

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I used to work for Fiskars Brands, a Finnish company, and the handbook specifically stated that, while drinking AT work was prohibited, drinking at meals and returning to work was acceptable so long as the drinking did not inhibit performance or present a safety issue (the factory floor was a 'not a drop' zone, for instance).

I had the occasional lunch with the IT staff where we had a beer or 2. It was awesome.
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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by arturo7 View Post
Is it the drinking or the sitting on your couch nekkid?
I know that the people at the office get upset when I start taking my clothes off there...

Well the guys do at least.
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I think its apparent that you are best accustomed to working with only one hand. At work, when you have two hands available, the second hand is simply a nuisance and burden to the first hand. I think you should try using only one hand at work and see how that goes.

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Bernie Brewer
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Hmmmm, mebbe you need to find a "work at home" job........
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Not me. I drink at home and all I want to do is watch TV or play on the computer.

Then again, while I'm at work, all I want to do is go home and drink beer...
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Sep 2008
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One word... Valdez

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