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Recipe Type: All Grain   
Yeast: Pacman or Irish Ale   
Yeast Starter: Yes   
Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter: none   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.25   
Original Gravity: 1.073   
Final Gravity: 1.015   
IBU: 45   
Boiling Time (Minutes): 90   
Color: ~ 13   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 7 - 10   
Additional Fermentation: none   
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 21 to 28 days @ 62*F   
Tasting Notes: earthy, malty, spicy,good body, balanced, retains nice lumpy head, British style   

IPA recipes are a dime a dozen. Anyway, here is 0.8333... cents worth

Rye PA 11

If you need a photo, you can see it on my avatar

Makes 5.25 gal to finish out with 5 gal.


10 lb Maris Otter 2 row malt
2 lb rye malt
1.5 lb crystal 55L malt
6 oz Munich malt
6 oz torrified wheat
4 oz Cara-Pils


0.75 oz East Kent Golding (dry hop)
2 oz Fuggles @5.2%AA (bittering hop)
1 oz Styrian Golding (flavour hop)
0.5 oz Cascade (aroma hop)
0.5 oz Fuggles (aroma hop)


Pacman @ 20 million cells/mLfor a cleaner, drier, hoppier finish.Ferment at 62*f. or

Irish ale @ 20 million cells/mL for a more fruity, estery finish. Ferment at 70*f.

This equates to approx. 4 oz of thick, pasty, fresh yeast for 5.25 gal of wort, or about 0.75 in of well compacted yeast sediment in a quart mason jar.


Using a two step infusion mash proceedure, mash-in with 18 quarts of water at 161*F for a first rest at 146*F for 30 min. Then infuse mash with boiling water to achieve 154*F for 60 min.

Sparge for 60 min adjusting sparge water temp to keep mash temp at 168* to finish with 2.6* P (1.010 sg) Collect 6.75 gal wort.

Place 2 oz Fuggles in the bottom of the BK and when they are covered about 1.5 in, begin the boil. When boil begins, set timer for 75 min. After timer,add 1oz Styrian golding,and set for 14 min. At timer, add 0.5 oz of Fuggles and 0.5 oz of Cascade, and set for 1 minute. At timer, flame out. Chill and filter wort to 62* F and pitch yeast into ~5.125 gal wort.

Ferment until gravity is about 5.8* P (1.022 sg) (7 to 10 days). then transfer to secondary. Add the dry hops ( and boiled oak chips if desired) along with 1 tablespoon of thick pasty yeast. Ferment until FG is reached and the beer is clear (about 3-4 weeks) @62* F. Either bottle or keg and age about 2 months at cellar temps.

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