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Oct 2009
Durham, NC
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This is a dubbel I brewed on November 15th. The OG was 1.069 without added sugar. I let it ferment for three days down to SG 1.023 and then added about a pound of inverted and caramelized corn syrup. I brought the syrup to a simmer for 10 minutes, and then added to the beer. At that time there was a normal looking krausen (brown and fluffy).

Today I opened the bucket, ten days after the corn syrup was added. The SG is down to 1.027. However, I've never seen a krausen like this before:

As you can see, it is an off white in color and contains a lot of large, pearly bubbles of something clear. I was pretty sure I got a smell of ascetic acid (vinegar) out of there as well.

However, the tasting sample tasted fine. My wife tasted it as well and pronounced it just fine. I understand most infections should be pretty damn obvious in flavor. My lingering worry is: could this be the early stage of an infection? Over the next few months will it turn my dubbel to ass?

I'm probably being the typical nervous neophyte, but I had to share this with my support group.

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Nov 2008
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looks normal. I'd say all is well.
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Reason: .

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Displaced MassHole
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Looks just fine, however if you didn't have an infection before you really increased your chances by opening it up.

Put the top back on and let it be, the yeast cells know what they're doing.
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Dec 2008
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Looks like all my beers when the krausen starts falling back into the beer. The bubbles should shrink in size over time.
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