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Sep 2009
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So, I haven't got alot of batches under my belt yet. And so far just extract ale kits. However, to date all the kits I've gotten seem to have the option of using dried yeast. I understand starters, and I understand that there are some beer styles that may require an exotic yeast. But other than that what's the advantage to not using a dried yeast? I'm assuming kicking off the Fermentation could take longer. What else?

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boo boo
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I have been making a few brews using W34/70 lager yeast and find it just as good as WY2042.
When my inventory of liquid yeast dries up, I'll be using a lot of dry yeast.
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I love dry yeast. Aside from what you mentioned, I know of no disadvantages to using dry yeast. There are some brews I like using a liquid yeast that I've found tastes better than the dry yeasts I've been able to find. For example, I like a liquid yeast (Wyeast S112 California Lager) for my Baltic Porter, and haven't liked the dry yeasts flavor as much. You're getting a TON of yeast in a dry pack and anytime I've used liquid I always make a starter.

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Variety. Especially for Lager strains. And I am an exclusive dry yeast user.

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I use dry yeast, but I also use liquid yeast. It depends on what I"m making. Sometimes you want a Belgian profile, or a certain flavor from the yeast and it isn't available in dry strains. All of my lagers, my steam beer, and some of my English ales use liquid yeast because I like those particular strains. About 1/2 of my IPAs and APAs use dry yeast.
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Well, there's no dry yeast out there for making a Kolsch. I wouldn't say that's a terribly exotic beer.

maybe someday Fermentis will make a dry yeast for every strain out there.

Though I'm not sure you can get brett or lacto in a dry form since they're bacteria.
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Bernie Brewer
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Dry yeast is great, if you like the idea of all your beers having that same flavor in the background. yeast has a huge impact on the final flavor of your beer, and if you brew with the same yeast every time, you're not getting the flavor profile that is meant to go with the style. I do use dry yeast, but not very often.
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I'm with Yooper, it's about 50/50 for me, depending on the beer. On a recent stout, I used Danstar Windsor and it turned out fabulous - my favorite of all the stouts I've made.

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Mar 2009
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yeast has a huge impact on the final flavor of your beer, and if you brew with the same yeast every time
I couldn't agree more. I really do love using dry yeast and use it by far the majority of the time but different yeasts do impart a different flavor. If you are hesitant about the cost like I was when trying liquid yeasts, just wash and reuse. Ziplock baggies are sterile from the factory and are great for freezing yeast because it won't break like glass will and they are cheap. Just remember to label the baggie.

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