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Dec 2007
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I was reading from another post saying that red stripe makes their labels with dyed glass fired onto the bottles, and there is no way to remove them other than sanding. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?
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redstripe is the jamaican bombdiggity! the 24ozs are even cooler then the 12s. i can only get 6ers of 12s at ralphs.

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Jun 2009
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I also like the stubby bottles but all my Red Stripe bottles still say Red Stripe. They have been used for 8-10 batches and still look like I just bought them. Also another good stubby bottle is Modelo but those are paper labels so they come off easy.

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Nov 2009
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...also Steam ales, North Coast, and St. Arnold.

I think he's more concerned with the formal qualities of the bottle, rather than it's foot print.

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Originally Posted by gib0r View Post
...also Steam ales, North Coast, and St. Arnold.
Yeah, if the Red Stripe paint doesn't come off, I'd suggest grabbing some Anchor Steam or any other Anchor beer and soaking them. They are very unique and the labels are relatively easy to remove. Love the profile of those bottles.
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Star-san soak for 2-3 weeks, then use a scrubbing pad to take it off easily.

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Nov 2009
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Originally Posted by Vorsicht709 View Post
I have been doing some searching, on how to remove painted on labels. However the most common anwser I have seen is to soak in starsan. However, living in Newfoundland, I cannot get any.
Original post.

I have yet to read of someone who has actually remmove a red stripe lable. Does starsan work for certain? Anyone actually done this with a newer redstripe bottle?
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I have had 50/50 success with removing red stripe labels with star san. First, you need to make the concentration up to 4Xs the recommended strength and let it sit for at least 4 days or so. When it was done, only 24 of my 48 bottles came off. The ones that did, came off easily. The ones that didn't, barely even changed the color of the rage I used for wiping. I am still holding onto the other 24 bottles, hoping there is a wat to clean them off too...

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[quote=Vorsicht709;1709437 starsan. However, living in Newfoundland, I cannot get any.

Well I wouldn't excatly say that. I have it. I got a 32 oz botltle from here and I know you can get it from .
It might cost more shipping from the states, but if you can't find it anywhere else, the cost wouldn't be much compared to the amount of use you could get from a 32 oz bottle. Almost a lifetime supply if used right.
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Jan 2009
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I used CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) cleaner and the label comes off. I just filled the bottles with water and set them in a glass with about 1.5 inches of CLR in the bottom. Badda bing badda boom, label is gone in about 15 minutes. I tried this for the first time today with red stripe bottles I bought yesterday. I couldn't find any definitive way to do it but this works like a charm. No scrubbing either, I just wiped it off with my finger.

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