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Dec 2009
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I'm just getting interested in brewing beer. I know absolutely nothing about it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best kit to get. The best kind of beer to start with. Good reference tools for brewing questions. And basically anything that anyone thinks i should know. I guess my mail question is what kit to start with and a good place to buy it. If anyone could give me some beginner advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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Oct 2009
Aliso Viejo, CA
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You might do some searching around this forum, there's plenty of good info.

For starters I would recommend reading http://www.howtobrew.com then pickup one of the following kits:


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Jun 2009
Wenatchee WA
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Welcome to the obsession. This website is a Treasure Chest of information. Every question that you've posed is covered here multiple times, all you have to do is a little searching and a lot of reading. Multiple authors have shared their knowledge and experience already.

Good Luck...

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Oct 2009
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I just started brewing so I am a newb as well. My first brew is in the fermenting bucket now. This site has tons of info. John Palmer's book is excellent. My fiancÚ hooked me up with a Coopers kit for my birthday. It has everything you need to make your first basic brew. It's entry level and very easy. I haven't had any problems with their kit so far. You may find that it's a good place to start but there are tons of options out there. Just read as much as you can and figure out what will work for you. Good luck!!
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Sep 2009
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I am on my 4th batch.. 2 that I am drinking...1 I am testing on occasion... and 1 I will not even try until christmas.. The three I have tasted are realy good and I was completely clueless and just came on here asking questions and reading.... It is really very very simple to do if you follow a recipe..
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I started brewing 69 days ago, 35 gal so far. SWMBO hasnt complained yet! Better than the hookers, gambling, and crack I used to do, I guess.

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Oct 2009
The Old Pueblo
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+1 on John Palmers "How to Brew". Read it, brew a batch, read it again, and then start reading through the threads here.

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Jul 2009
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I've ordered equipment and ingredient kits from a few different places, and have had great luck with Midwest, Northern Brewer and Austin Homebrew Supplies. Austin is nice to deal with; there's a gent named Forrest who frequents this forum and answers questions, and they have good pricing and package things very well. I like Northern Brewer's kits, too. Midwest tends to have better pricing on equipment.

If you're shopping locally, you'll find many stores will have Brewer's Best kits, which are also pretty good.

When buying an equipment kit, be prepared to spend more than the kit costs. It may look like a lot of stuff, but when you get done with your first batch, you'll start finding other bits which you just have to have.

Your kettle is never big enough; get a big one, 32qt or larger, with a lid. Get a bottle tree, or use your dishwasher (but make sure you don't use JetDry, it'll affect head retention in bottled beers). Buy extra tubing. Buy an extra thermometer (two different types are nice to have) and an extra hydrometer. Buy an immersion chiller. Buy a digital scale. Buy a couple of spray bottles, one for water (to keep the boilovers under control) and one for Star-San sanitizer mixture. When in doubt, spray sanitizer on everything.

Read. Read, read, read some more. But don't forget to brew! And have fun. Welcome to HBT!
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Oct 2009
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+1 on John Palmers "How to Brew". Read it, brew a batch, read it again, and then start reading through the threads here.
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Oct 2009
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There are 12 lessons here that explain extract brewing in detail. Hope this helps.

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Nov 2008
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Congrats on taking the first step! This site is FULL of info and help. I don't mean to be an @$$ but the Search function is realy helpfull in searching for "New to Brewing" advice and how to ____? questions.

I'm a new brewer my self as I've yet to finnish my first year of brewing, but have found so much information here it's just AMAZING how the comunity knowledge here is posted on a regular basis.

What step to take next? If you have the following or buy them:
Good thermomiter
a standing vial (to take wort sample in and measure with Hydromiter)
Wine Thief
Racking cane and hoze line
1 6gal buckett (food grade) with lid
a Secondary carboy (glass or better bottle)
an air lock (S type or Vertical connicle thingy)
A Large Filter bag (for grains or fruit, can be found at LHBS or Wine brew shop)
Capability to boil 6.5 gal (7.5 Gal pot) can be a Turkey fryer (with propane burner, that's what I use)
Capability to cool the Boiling wort down, IC or you can use the Snow outside in the winter to pack arround your brew kettle, or use your tub with cold water bath.. (I did the snow packed arround the kettle for my first try and cooled my wort down in about 40 min)

Thats about it. Get a kit that sounds good to you. I got an Alt Bier (similar to Alaskan Amber from what people tell me) good, crisp, light and looks great in a glass.

Then you need to decide if you want to bottle first or step into kegging. Up to you.

But I would just say, GO FOR IT, jump in with both feet and not look back. Yea you will make mistakes, we all did our first few times and still make the occasional mistake. But hey, its making BEER!!! Just go with the flow and have FUN!

You can find kits on the web with all the stuff above at a great price. or get one from your LHBS (local Home brew shop)

Reason: Added kit info.

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