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Originally Posted by Matt Up North View Post
When SWMBO knows what a Lambic is and drinks it with you and enjoys it (just did this last night)
That's the only beer I can get SWMBO to drink.
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If you come to this site everyday and you don't really learn anything new, but you read it anyhow?

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Originally Posted by NTOLERANCE View Post
When you go to a wedding and they are serving free bud lite and miller lite for beer, and you drink wine or pay for good beer.
You are a cheap/poor just out of college homebrewer when you serve Bud and BL at your wedding...

My justification is that most wouldn't appreciate good beer anyway and I'm providing all the homebrew for the rehearsal dinner so there.
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Mar 2009
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When making eggnog and reach for your wort chiller/ice bath to cool the mixture down as quickly as possible so as to integrate the merigue without curdling.

(I did this last night. Put the hot mixture into an ice bath in the fridge.)
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I use secondaries. :p
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Originally Posted by Craig311 View Post
You watch football on Sundays and see nothing but mash tuns on the sidelines.
Same sort of thing, but with all of the highway work trucks.
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Mar 2009
Canton, MI
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.....when you're drinking a glass of BM's SWMBO Slayer you made in July and thinking "hmmm, I wonder what this would tase like if I made it with US-05 instead of WLP410 just for the hell of it?"

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Dec 2007
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When SWMBO asks you why all the tupperware lids have tape with "5 min.", "10 min." written on them.
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Oct 2008
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-When the Science teacher's disqualified your child's science project 2 years in a row.

-When you find half your child's science project missing and the jury is getting topless.

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Jul 2009
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When SWMBO asks you to bring "that pumpkin ale you brewed" to thanksgiving, so that all her family will like you.

(Happened to me this thanksgiving - thanks yuri!)
Furry Friend Brewery

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Matt Up North
Jul 2008
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When you leave the heater on while you go to work not for the dogs or so that it will be warm when SWMBO gets home, but so that you can condition your beer in time for Xmas. It's only a $100 heating bill for a $50 batch!
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