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Oct 2009
Chapel Hill N.C.
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I brewed a porter nearly 2 weeks ago and I am planning on bottling directly from the primary. Is there any benifit to letting the beer sit in the primary for an extra week before I bottle or should I just go ahead and bottle it after 2 weeks in the primary?

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Oct 2009
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It's hard to answer a question like this, but consider this: Your beer certainly won't be worse, and it might be better if you wait the three weeks.

It'll give the yeast a little extra time to "do their thing", and you'll have fewer floaties in your brew. When I started leaving my beer in the primary a little longer, I was amazed at how clear it was. Everything had dropped out of suspension.

One way to check is to take a hydrometer sample, and after you check the SG, pour the sample into a pint glass. Is it hazy? Is it clear? That will tell you if you could benefit from a little more time in the primary.

Hope this helps.

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Dec 2007
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Exactly what Homer said, one thing for sure is that it won't hurt it. When in doubt, always wait a week. Patience is the new brewers bane, but if you follow through, you'll be rewarded.

The more you brew, you will get a feel for when it's through. I had an Amber finish fermenting(i.e. terminal gravity) after about 6 days. I let go another four for d-rest if needed and yeast-clean up. Bottled after 10 days. I would NEVER recommend a new brewer to bottle after ten days, but with experience, you'll learn when your beer is done.

Three weeks and a consecutive days identical hydrometer reading, you can't go wrong.
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Jul 2009
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3 weeks in the primary is fine. And by 'bottling straight from primary', I assume you will be racking to a bottling bucket first, correct?
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Yes there is an advantage to waiting. Your beer will taste better and be clearer for waiting. I always leave beer at least 4 weeks so the yeast can finish its job of cleaning up the off flavors from its waste and settling out of the beer so I only have a dusting of yeast in the bottle.
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Oct 2009
Newington, CT
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My first batch I bottled after 2 and the second I bottled after 3. The 3 week batch was definitely better. Don't rush the yeasties.. They are busy cleaning up in there

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Jan 2009
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Yea I almost always do 3 or 4 weeks primary, then bottle or keg.

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Oct 2008
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Wait 4 weeks and you will be glad you did...patience is key in homebrewing
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Nov 2009
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On my last amber, I let it sit in the primary for 4 weeks and then bottle conditioned for another 4. I have made the recipe a few times and this was by far the best. I'm usually 2-1/2 to 3 weeks primary and 2-3 weeks bottle and this made all the difference in the world.

It sucks to have to wait, but in the end it is worth it.
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Dec 2006
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I used to bottle directly from the primary...via a bottling bucket. I now rack into a secondary for at least a week. That way I get the brew off the trub and makes it easier when I rack into the bottling bucket.

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