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Sep 2009
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I am making the AHS promotional IPA right now. It is 6 days into the primary fermentation, after about 12 hours it had a nice krausen, I was gone for the weekend and when I came back (day 5) the krausen had largely subsided, but there was still about an inch of 'krausen' that was kind of glassy with larger bubbles than I'm used to seeing on a 'normal' krausen.

I am rather new to brewing, this being my 5th batch. Previously I've used a WYeast American Ale yeast and a Nottingham. I've never seen this type of Krausen (or for this duration as a matter of fact).

So I've already R and DW and I HAHB, but I was wondering what type of variation you guys normally see in the texture, density &c., of your krausen depending on differing worts and yeasts.


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Feb 2009
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Yes, I have noticed that most yeasts have different characteristics with the size, texture, etc of the krausen. However, I cant tell you too much about my experience with Cal Ale as I dont pay too much attention to what the krausen looks like, only those that I need a blow off tube for or not.

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Aug 2009
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I'm using this yeast right now and, yes I did see a little bit different krausen kind of like what you're describing.

I was a little worried at first, but I decided to relax and now the krausen has all but gone away.
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Sep 2009
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I've just bottled a beer (amber ale) with that yeast, and racked another (Ipa)on the yeast cake. On both beers the krausen looked as you describe. No worries, that's what it does. They'll be crisp. My amber started at 1.056...finished at 1.007....fermented at 67f. Really brought out the hops.

I've actually had the same kind of results with the american ale yeast (1056). I suspect they are pretty much one and the same.

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Jun 2009
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Originally Posted by chode720 View Post
I dont pay too much attention to what the krausen looks like, only those that I need a blow off tube for or not.
How do you know whether or not you will need a blow off tube or not? I have just always been using a blow off tube in my primary which is a carboy. Then I transfer to my secondary which is a plastic bucket with an airlock.

I have read some people use a plastic bucket for a primary and a carboy for a secondary. Does it really matter which order you use them in?

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Dog House Brew
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Jun 2008
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I always use a blow off tube. Now if you are fermenting 5 gallons in a 10 gallon fermenter, no. I use 15 gal primary for my 12.5 gal batches. I then transfer to 2 six gal glass carboys. I like glass for secondary because of the amount of time, but whatever you use will make beer.
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Sep 2009
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Headspace...it's all about headspace. If you have plenty as Dog House Brew refers to with the 5gal in 10 gal fermenter, then probably not. I use a large plastic primary that usually doesn't need a blow off tube for a 5 gal batch, but the krausen reaches the lid easily.

If you're like I was at the beginning of brewing, I checked on the beer everytime I walked past the closet it was in (still do actually). If you're not sure about the tube, at the first sign of yeast in the airlock, go get one...it most likely take much longer before the airlock clogs and is launched.

Other factors to consider besides headspace would be style of beer and yeast, but I think headspace would be your first concern until you get a feel for how you recipes will react during fermentation.


Edit: I should add that WLP001 is the only yeast I used for my first 25 batches (95% IPA recipes) and it does an awesome job...may I suggest reusing, harvesting and/or freezing this strain if you like it...saves you plenty of cash in the long term.

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Jul 2009
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The look of the krausen varies considerably depending on the yeast strain. With WLP001 I get a foamy krausen at the beginning of fermentation and it changes to a more 'gooey', I would call it, texture towards the end. I'm not sure if that's what you mean by 'glassy'?

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Jun 2009
Victoria, Texas
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I got big bubbles on the batch I have sitting not. I am going to rack it off soon and keep the yeast to do an American Pale Ale. It will be my first yeast washing. It did ferment really well but I have had good luck with the 005 as well.

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