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Originally Posted by high5apparatus View Post
I have the original recipe from Page 1 of this post in a fermenter. Coming up on 1 month. I cannot wait for this to be done because I had some a neighbor made.

Instead of tying up a glass carboy for so long, I'm thinking of a Lowes food grade (white) bucket.
I believe I left my first batch of this in the fermenter only as long as it took to clear up and then just bottled it for longer term aging. I don't think it really matters as to how you age it because it really don't come into its own for at least six months. I made the mistake of drinking most of it at the 3-5 month mark. While still good, I left about 10 bottles sitting which are now 11 months and they are really good. Still dry but with much more flavor.
All I ask is three beers apiece for each of my co-workers...I think a man workin outdoors, feels more like a man if he can have a bottle of suds.

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Originally Posted by high5apparatus View Post
Instead of tying up a glass carboy for so long, I'm thinking of a Lowes food grade (white) bucket. When the time comes to bottle the cider I'll throw the next batch right over it. Has anyone else re-use the yeast?
Yes, it was fine. Others have claimed that it gets better.

Originally Posted by tennesseean_87 View Post
I just had a taste test of some apfelwein made with the following recipe:

OG: 1.070
1 lb cane sugar
3 rolls concentrate
~4 gallons Juice
3056 yeast
3+ months in primary (I am about to get it off the yeast).

I just took a gravity sample: 0.996
taste: pretty bad. Bland, very dry, the wife said yeasty, and not really much character. A similar recipe with half cran-apple juice blend and montrachet finished at 1.008 and has more wine character. I won't use the 3056 again (though it smelled wonderful coming out of the airlock), and am curious if the juice blends (not pure apple) have more unfermentable sugars somehow, or if the last batch was just a fluke.
I decided to sweeten, add some spice, and pasteurize when properly carbed according to the sticky in the Cider forum. I might have overdone it a bit, but it'll be a good experiment and it was pretty much a dumper.
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Originally Posted by garnede

The only way that it should still be bubbling is if you have a cool spot for it to sit, low 60's or lower. The lower temps slow it down a lot, but leave it with more flavor when the ferment is done.
It's in a closet in my house which gets down to about 60 during the day.

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Jan 2012
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Has anyone ever tried to carb using sugar cubes?

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Originally Posted by jarett
Has anyone ever tried to carb using sugar cubes?
As in, a cube per bottle? A sugar cube is plain sugar. If it is the correct amount it would work just fine.
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1 cube of sugar is ~4g (per the nutrition facts on a package of domino cubes). In 12 oz this gives about 4 vol of CO2... which is a LOT of carbonation. One cube in a 22 oz bottle leads to about 2.6 vol CO2, which is an 'average' beer.

I doubt sugar cubes are sterile though, and so I would be leery of priming with them. You may get away with it here though, since the ABV is relatively high.

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An update on my current batch:

Recipe: 5 gal glass carboy, 2# dextrose, 1 pkt Lalvin 71B-1122, Wal-Mart brand apple juice
January 19: O.G. = 1.060

March 15: Decanted (1) 750mL bottle for tasting.
S.G. = 0.997, ABV = ~8.2%, Age: almost 2 months
Tasting notes: fairly tart (nicely so), distinct apple flavor and aroma, body a little thin, very drinkable straight-up, pleasantly warming
SWMBO Blending with Sierra Mist: 1AW:1SM too sweet/bland, 2AW:1SM wonderfully delicious!!!, 3AW:1SM flavors didn't mix "right"

March 16: Decanted (2) more to drink and one to (try) to age
Boiled 1/2 tsp Wyeast Yeast Nutrient in 5.5oz water; chilled and added to carboy.
Added 1# lactose and 1# dextrose in 1/2gal apple juice
Airlock popped up almost immediately....we'll see how long it takes to rouse and clear again!

Happy St. Pat's Day, all-y'all brewers!
*** Brian Gibson ***
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Just made 2.5 gal. Now wait for 3 months.

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Originally Posted by maak_d View Post
It's in a closet in my house which gets down to about 60 during the day.
Yes, the cool temps are dragging out the ferment. Once it is dry, .099 or lower, and clear you'll have a fine tasting apfelwein. Mine took 5.5 weeks at 68 degrees, so you might be looking at a 2 month ferment.
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If you want to bottle and carbonate, cup of corn sugar will work fine. Use as you would carbonate a batch of beer.

i know this has probably been replied to a thousand times...i appologize in advance for the repetitive inquiry if thats the case.

-- You say "if you want to..." is there an advantage ot carbonation over not carbonating? I generally am not a fan of carbonated anything unless its beer. I just was wondering if it can go without carbonation, and if so how that tastes? I really like the idea of the brown sugar as well.... any other feed back on that recipie? Thanks!

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