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Mar 2006
Columbus OH
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6 weeks in the fermentor, or 4 weeks in fermentor and then two in bottles?
I read the whole thread but never say if anyone thought a secondary was worth it. What do you all think?
Every little thing is gonna be alright.

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Dirty blonde
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Jan 2005
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Originally Posted by chillHayze
6 weeks in the fermentor, or 4 weeks in fermentor and then two in bottles?
I read the whole thread but never say if anyone thought a secondary was worth it. What do you all think?
I did 4 weeks in the primary and bottled in 22s with some corn sugar for carbonation. It's very clear, I'd say not worth it.

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Jul 2006
Bee Cave, Texas
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I don't use a secondary at all. I make it in a carboy without heating a thing. It ferments out great and is clear within 4 weeks. It does get better after 4 weeks though.

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May 2005
Sunny St. Petersburg, Florida
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Well - 40 hours since I pitched the yeast and it is fermenting beautifully! There is probably a 3 inch foam head at the top of the carboy. I read a lot about "sulphur smells" - I haven't gotten that at all. It smell fine coming out of the airlock. I used a White Labs English Ale yeast as opposed to the Champagne yeast (simply because I had it on hand). Maybe the Champagne yeast causes the sulphur smell?? Anyway looking good on the fermentation now. Thanks again Ed for sharing this recipe.

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brewman !
Nov 2006
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Maybe the Champagne yeast causes the sulphur smell??
Lets clarify some yeast stuff here. I think people are getting their yeast strains confused.

2 strains of "wine" yeast have been discussed in this thread. Montrachet and EC1118.

The manufacturer says this about Montrachet yeast.

"This strain is recommended for full bodied reds and whites. It is not recommended for grapes that have recently been dusted with sulfur, because of a tendency to produce hydrogen sulfide in the presence of higher concentrations of sulfur compounds."

They say this about EC1118:

"The EC-1118 strain was isolated, studied and selected from Champagne fermentations. Due to its competitive factor and ability to ferment equally well over a wide temperature range, the EC-1118 is one of the most widely used yeasts in the world.
The fermentation characteristics of the EC-1118 - extremely low production of foam, volatile acid and H2S - make this strain an excellent choice. This strain ferments well over a very wide temperature range, from 7° to 35°C (45° to 95°F) and demonstrates high osmotic and alcohol tolerance. Good flocculation with compact lees and a relatively neutral flavor and aroma contribution are also properties of the EC-1118.
The EC-1118 strain is recommended for all types of wines, including sparkling, and late harvest wines and cider. It may also be used to restart stuck fermentations."

So there is a dichotomy when you say "Maybe the Champagne yeast causes the sulphur smell.", given that EC1118 is a champagne type yeast and it has not caused a sulfur smell for me and Montrachet is not a champagne yeast and it has caused a sulfur smell in some apfelweins. (I think I am the only one using EC1118, btw.)

So Montrachet yeast isn't a typical champagne yeast and thus probably shouldn't be referred to as a champagne yeast. And, as far as I can tell, the sulfur smells were coming from fermentations that used Montrachet.

EC1118 is a champagne type yeast. It is a very clean yeast and has never caused a sulfur smell for me and is not causing one in my apfelwein at this time.

I think a correct statement for you might have been "Maybe the Montrachet yeast causes the sulphur smell??

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May 2006
Bay Area CA
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Originally Posted by brewman !
"Maybe the Montrachet yeast causes the sulphur smell??

That is correct! Also, I used Nottingham yeast for one of my batches and the sulphur smell was ten fold that of the Montrachet. It really stunk!
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Old 12-10-2006, 08:10 PM   #317
Jan 2006
Lincoln, NE
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Yep, I used Montrachet and it smelled like poop. Smells great now, though.

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Old 12-10-2006, 09:09 PM   #318
Sir Humpsalot
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Nov 2006
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I used Montrachet. Mine didn't smell too bad, but it definitely smelled a little. Part of it may have been that I am fermenting in a basement, so it kind of mingles with usual basement smells and makes it less noticeable. Got 3 natural gas burners down there (water heater, central heat, and a supplementary baseboard heater), plus laundry smells, plus paints and other random chemicals and a hint of mustiness and god knows what else. But, even with my nose right up to the airlock, it wasn't that bad. I suspect the brand of apple juice may have *something* to do with it as well.

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Old 12-10-2006, 10:49 PM   #319
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Mar 2006
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OMG Elephant Farts!!!

Ive been blaming the dog
Desert Sky Brewing Co.
Sierra Vista, AZ

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Old 12-10-2006, 10:58 PM   #320
Nov 2006
long island, ny, USA
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Well after reading though about 25 pages of this i decided that i would give it a shot myself. This is actually my first attempt at brewing anything myself. It seemed like such a simple procedure and i figured why not give it a shot to get my feet (or whistle) wet with.
we used (my son and I) EdWort's recipe to the letter (except for the brand name) we used a local flavor and price. Looked at the labels and they all read the same thing....filtered water, apple juice concentrate and absorbic acid. Was curious though why wouldnt one use apple cider? just a curiosity on my part....
well followed the direction to a tee, mixed my dextrose....2 pounds.....sprinkled my yeast and rinsed the funnel with apple juice. all equipment was sanitized and re sanitized then rinsed 4-5 times with clean cool water....
bubbler was set with water in it, i didnt have any Vodka....wouldnt dare think to use my green label for that...LOL....ill add vodka to the bubbler as it needs re-filling.
starting temp was 69-70*F
Starting gravity (OG) .162/163 there abouts.
keeping it in the basement with a pretty steady temp of 72*f but i got a cooler closet i can keep it in about 68-69*f.... (any input there?)
Thanks for all the great ideas and tips. now i can say i have at least started in the brewing batch is going to be a blueberry wheat....(my younger brothers favorite)
thanks again

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