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Originally Posted by PDXHollyD
Has anyone ever calculated the nutritional values for this stuff? Is there a way to figure out how many calories, carbs, etc. are in a serving?
My wife has an app on her phone that she uses to track her calories with and Ed Worts Apfelwein is in it. I think it's called my fitness pal or something like that.
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Originally Posted by wburns
Most likely an answer to this in the previous 1100 pages, just I am entirely too lazy to spend 100 hours reading all of them.

Does this stuff have to be carbonated? Can it be bottled in wine bottles? I have zero beer making supplies.

Degas like you would with wine and go for it.
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so it's been 4 weeks, tasted some over the weekend and BOY is it strong, but not too tasty.

Anyone keg these in corny kegs with co2 system? How much did that run you?

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Originally Posted by pood View Post
so it's been 4 weeks, tasted some over the weekend and BOY is it strong, but not too tasty.
This stuff really does need to age. Even with good fermentation temps and nutrients, I'd say an absolute minimum of 2 months after you hit fg. Since usually you are a little bit nutrient poor and temps aren't really being controlled, the 3 month mark really is about right for a minimum.

Mine was kinda nasty when it first fermented. Now, at 5 months, it's amazing. I don't have much of it left anymore.
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Originally Posted by blefferd

My wife has an app on her phone that she uses to track her calories with and Ed Worts Apfelwein is in it. I think it's called my fitness pal or something like that.
Ha! I just looked it up in that app and it's there. But it doesn't give any real info other than 200 calories per 12 oz, which seems low. Maybe look at Beersmith.

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Sep 2012
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Just tried some after being in the bottle for two months (carbed) and it tasted ok. Needs to age more, but man does it have a serious kick! One beer plus a bottle of apfelwein and having a conversation with the neighbor was challenging :-)

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My wife just asked me if there was a dead Rhino in the storage things must be progressing nicely!
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Liked 140 Times on 117 Posts first batch of 3 gallons is bubbling nicely. Doesn't seem to smell too bad though. 'Course it's in the man cave though...the GF might think differently if it was at her house.
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I'm thinking about hitting my batch with a tablespoon of honey, bottling and bottle conditioning in grolsch bottles.

When I go visiting I could bring a bottle or two as a host gift.

I know I personally would appreciate it if someone showed up with some sparkling apfelwein.
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Wow. So I started this about 11 days ago, and I won't lie... I did it mainly to create a yeast slurry for a batch of skeeter pee. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this since its supposed to finish real dry. I just checked the gravity as I want to rack it at 1.05. Tasted my sample and I'm blown away. It's pretty dry but I love it! I think this is going to be amazing with some age. I'm actually a little upset that I'll be using my bucket and 2nd carboy to make the skeeter pee cause I want to get started on a 2nd batch of this right away.

Ps: at 11 days my gravity is about 1.08 fermenting at an ambient temp of 66-68 degrees.
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