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Chairman Cheyco
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Dec 2005
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All my batches so far have been 60minute boils. Why go to 90minutes? Most of the literature I've read states that hop utilization does not increase notably past the 75 minute boil point. A 90 minute boil also increases the number of maillard reactions, darkening your wort. Break material forms early enough in a 60 minute as well.

What am I missing? I've heard of people doing ONLY 90 minute boils, why would they?

The reason can't simply be for final wort volume, can it?
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Apr 2006
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I guess a 120 boil must break the time space continuum.
I agree, what gives?
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i like ninety... lets me sip more beer whilst it boils i let it boil about a half hour, then toss the hops in. lately we've gotten a gallon or so up to a boil whilst still sparging, it boils whilst it fills...
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Feb 2006
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I do know that there are people that do 90 min boils. I think they usually do a 90 but still start bittering at 60. I think it may be to 'get more crap' outa the wort to use a technical term. If you listen to the BN, It seems like I remember either Jamil or Doc saying they especially do it on beers that are mostly real light malts like pilsner to get out most of the SMM etc that can cause DMS or other off flavors. I can't remember for sure but it was something like that.
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May 2006
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Originally Posted by MrSaLTy
If you listen to the BN, It seems like I remember either Jamil or Doc saying they especially do it on beers that are mostly real light malts like pilsner to get out most of the SMM etc that can cause DMS or other off flavors...
That's exactly right. Jamil Zainasheff did 90 minute boils on all of his beers to reduce DMS. In the latest episode of his podcast he said that he's switched to 60 minute boils and will likely stick with them. Since his cooling is so quick (thanks to his whirlpool immersion chiller), there is almost no DMS produced during the cool-down period (DMS is produced anywhere above 140 degrees, but is removed during a vigorous boil).

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a 90 min boil will give you a lower SMM content and thus less chance of developing more DMS after the boil. You will also get a more complete hot break from the longer boil.

This being said, I seem to be able to make fairly clear beers with just 60min boils, but I usually try to do a 90 min boil if I have the additional time available.


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With my limited AG system, a 90 min boil is just about standard. If I was doing a light gravity brew, 60 would work, but 90 seems to work on average brews 1.055-1.065. Higher than that and I have to go longer to get the volume down. I mostly only do 60 min hop schedules, but I have done a couple 75 and 90 minute boils just to get a little more out of the bittering hops, when adding another 0.25 oz was just a little too much for 60 minutes.
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It all depends on the ABV of the brew that I am sipping while sparging.

If it is a light beer, I usually manage to stop the sparge early enough for a 60 minute boil.

With a heavy beer, I sometimes collect more than I need, and need to increase the boil time to compensate.

I haven't noticed any differernces in the end result that could be attributed to the length of the boil.


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Oct 2005
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I've never done a boil over 60 minutes. I suppose if I tried to do an all grain barleywine with my 40 quart kettle, I'd have to do one just to concentrate the runnings. It's a little like hand rubbing all 12 layers of paint on your MG B...
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Dirty blonde
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Jan 2005
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I always do a 75 min boil. First 15 min to get the hotbreak over with then my 1st hop additions at 60.

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