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Feb 2008
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I'm a homebrewer trying my hand at wine making. I'm making Selection's Cab/Merlot, and first off I noticed that the instructions say to sanitize with metabisulfate. Any reason I can't use starsan here? I've got a bottle of campden tablets, but would rather use my starsan for sanitizing the fermenter/equipment.

Also, the kit instructions say that if I want to age longer than 6 months, that I need to add more metabisulfate to prevent oxidation. When they say "age longer than 6 months" are they referring to aging in the fermenter, or in the bottle? Is there any advantage to aging in the fermenter for longer than the instructions say?

Finally-I got a good deal on a ton of #9 corks, will the colonna corker handle #9's ok? My beer bottle capper is on it's last leg, and I hear the colonna will do both beer and wine, so I'd like to go that route...

Thanks for the help!

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Old 11-22-2009, 03:18 AM   #2
Aug 2009
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use any sanitizer you want and youll be fine

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Mar 2009
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the campden tablets are for sanitizing the must not the equipment. add 1 tablet per gallon and wait 24 hours then aerate and pitch yeast. the recomendation the kit provides is for all aging. bulk ageing in a secondary for longer will result in a more consistant wine in all bottles.

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Nov 2009
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The longer you ferment, the better it'll be, generally. All wines improve with age
Considering you're a new brewer, much like myself, I wouldn't age for longer because you'll quite simply want to try it and get your next wine on the go!
Be careful with capping, a bad cap can mean a spoiled bottle. If in doubt, do something safer.

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star san is fine for wine making (and mead making).

i wouldn't fret on the extra sulfites either, even if you age for 2 years. Reason: I have 6 bottles of mead from 10 years ago, no sulfites or sorbates added. All of them are still perfectly drinkable, not spoiled and not oxidized in the least. And they had natural corks.
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Please do not cap your wine Cork it. I personally do sulfate when I bottle just to help control oxidation during bottling . in a 6 gallon batch of wine I will add an additional 1/4 teaspoon. Just dont drink next day. give it a week lololol

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