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Apr 2009
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so right now i'm bottling all of my beer. i have no kegging equipment at all.
how did you guys get into kegging? what kind of setup are you using now? did you switch systems? spend extra money?
should i just start out with a 1 keg basic system, even though i would like to have at least 2 in the future? should i buy parts piece by piece, or get a kit? should i go kegerator right away, or build up to it?
need some advice from you kegers out there.

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Dec 2008
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I got started kegging by buying a 5 lb CO2 tank and regulator from; gas lines, gas manifold, beer line/cobra tap, and o-rings from Annapolis Home Brew; and two Cornies I bought from a guy off of eBay.

I would say if you want to have variety/pipeline do more than one keg. You have to empty that keg (aka drink) to keg more. I have six kegs total now, and I'm going to make a three tap kegerator.
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Buy a 2 keg kit from Midwest or Kegconnection. Not a one keg kit. By a suitable fridge. I believe mine is an Oster. Buy 4 extra kegs from kegconnection or pedalbiker.

This will get you not just started but moving along nicely while you learn all there is to know about kegging. Down the road you might want to upgrade but with the basic setup and extra kegs you don't have to.
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Apr 2009
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how do you guys serve your beer from the kegs? spouts from the front door of the fridge? put em in ice and hook up to co2?

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I'd start simple and cheap with a chest freezer, plastic "picnic faucets", some ball lock connectors, a keg or two, a temperature controller, and some beer and gas line. It's so cheap for the little plastic faucets and they work fine. Plus it's easy to upgrade from there if and when you want to.

I use a converted chest freezer. They're more efficient than a refrigerator because they don't have to work as hard to maintain low temperatures, they're more insulated, and the cold air stays down when you open the lid.

You can get a whole setup as a package deal, or just piece it together to save money. You can get a cheap temperature controller for your chest freezer here.

If you want to piece it together, you can post in the classified forum that you're looking for a 5 pound CO2 tank and a regulator. You can pick them up cheaper there than at a welding shop or online, usually. That goes for most of the other parts as well.

There's a ton of threads on converting a chest freezer to a "keezer" including here. Obviously yours would be much easier to begin with, unless you wanted to build a collar and have faucets off the bat.

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Most of us have a kegger of some sort, either on the fridge door or like this:

But, I also use party taps on some kegs and that's a good way to start. Use 10' of 3/16th to save yourself some grief.
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I am in the process of moving from bottling to kegging.
This is the order I went it:

1.Bought used Sanyo mini fridge on Craigslist $50
2. Bought two tap tower w/ perlicks from kegconnection $150
3. Bought two keg system from kegconnection $200
4. Bought two extra kegs from kegconnection $50

This way I always have two beers on tap, and two kegs as a back up to replace the first two when they become empty.
I want to get a few more kegs to age in.
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Aug 2009
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I just built my kegerator - used a 7.0 GE chest freezer from Home Depot. It fits four kegs and the CO2 with a 6-inch collar installed.

I definitely recommend buying a complete kit. I was going to purchase the 2 faucet kit from kegconnection, but when I figured up the costs to build out the third keg on my own, it was cheaper to order the 3 faucet set.

I could not have done this without the information provided by everyone here on HBT - it is amazing the amount of info you can find here, and how willing everyone is to share!
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Apr 2009
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Think I'm going to see if I can pick up a chest freezer and a basic kit. If I'm going to have at least 2 kegs. I would get a double gauge regulator right? That way I can carb one and serve one at the same time? Run two different pressures? If I have say a 2 keg system do I have to keep two kegs on there at all times(I don't have to kick both to change em out)?

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get a chest freezer or cheap fridge and you might want to check this link out cheap tap system only 70 buck and an additional 50 for the co2 tank. this is what i ordered when i started in kegging and it works great
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