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Nov 2009
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Hey guys,

I have brewed two batches so far and haven't taken the time to take notes of everything I do while brewing. Can anyone tell me what would be some great information to keep in a brewing log while I am brewing?
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May 2009
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My brewing log contains all of the potential variables that can influence a particular batch, ie:
Ambient Temperature
Mash Temperature and time maintained for that temperature
Sparge Temperature
Any subsitutions or alterations from original recipe
The type of yeast used, whether dry or hydrated or used a starter
The OG (Original Gravity) with Temperature
Anything out of the ordinary, example a fly landed in my cooled wort, forgot to add an ingredient at the right time, etc

I bought a cheap laptop and I keep all my brewlogs in word format in a folder on my desktop and it works great.
After fermentation I take a FG (Final Gravity) and put the ABV into the log.

Hope this helps

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Sep 2009
Amherst, NH
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My log entries are generally like this:

DD/MM/YY - Batch #nn - Brew Name and Style


- malt types and amounts
- hops types and amounts, aa% and schedule
- other additives or adjuncts
- yeast strain


- water amounts, treatments, temperatures
- mashing schedule and comments
- lautering schedule and comments
- boiling schedule with hop additions
- chilling comments
- rack to primary
- record original gravity
- yeast preparation and pitching

Brew Day Comments:

- initial taste and other observations
- things you would do differently next time

DD/MM/YY - fermentation observations
DD/MM/YY - dry hoppping as necessary
DD/MM/YY - bottling day details, final gravity and taste comments

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I knew I was a piker, this thread has confirmed it. All I do is hit "save" in Beersmith.

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Sep 2009
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Anytime I do anything to the beer from extract/grain to bottle I make a note of it in beersmith.

Addition times during the boil, what time I pitch, when fermentation starts, temperatures, how many bottles I get, etc. I find that the act of writing things down helps me remember all the little steps I take throughout the process. My first two batches I didn't take any notes, and 1.5 months later I can barely remember the SG readings, let alone what temperatures I steeped my grains at.

I've now finished 5 batches... Each one I do something a little different, and if one turns out amazing, I want to be able to look back and see what I did that could make a difference.

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This ain't my first rodeo....
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Jul 2007
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Originally Posted by Pappers View Post
I knew I was a piker, this thread has confirmed it. All I do is hit "save" in Beersmith.
I still regret the money I spent on Beersmith. With a 1 dollar calculator and a little knowledge, a pencil and pad, Beersmith is the pits.........

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Oct 2007
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There are some great worksheets on

You can record all of the information about your ingredients, keep notes, record gravities, etc. There is one for extract as well as all grain. If you are looking for a good place to start, I would try these. . .
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Jan 2007
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Originally Posted by Pappers View Post
I knew I was a piker, this thread has confirmed it. All I do is hit "save" in Beersmith.
I type a little bit into the notes field at the bottom sometimes, but that's all I do also.

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Jun 2008
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I like the forms found here.

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Oct 2009
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Radical Brewing has one. But once I started using software printing out recipes/brew day instructions, I find I just write in the notes section anything of interest/key measurements that happened on brew day or during fermentation. These get slipped into page protectors and put in a 3-ring binder.

I also use masking tape that travels with the beer from primary (to secondary, if one) to keg, that tracks some of the key info as well.
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