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I had a problem with not having enough natural gas volume/pressure whatever to my brew stand. I needed 25' of hose to get from my gas hookup to the end of my garage. At first I tried the Charbroil brand, approved for natural gas hook up hose that you get from lowes, the real high dollar crap. I had to buy three sections of it. When I hooked it up, there was way too much pressure drop, so I bought 25' of 3/4" ID PVC flexible hose, and that big diameter ID hose took care of all my ills. You may want to try going bigger in size if you haven't already.

From the research I did, PVC is impervious to natural gas, unlike EPDM rubber, which is rated to have a severe reaction with natural gas. I know some people that do use rubber and have not had a problem though.

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Nov 2011
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I bought one of these and it came cracked, with natural gas shooting out the bottom.

Tried to braze it but the thin cast iron just kept cracking under the heat pressure. I realize they're cheap but in a lot of brewing environments that kind of bad casting could be really dangerous: you don't notice a little crack on your burner that doesn't light right away on low gas pressure, and then you aren't watching the flame as it heats up the metal around it and the crack gets bigger and bigger until you have an open gas pipe on fire instead of a controlled series of jet burners.

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Originally Posted by disaffected View Post
Plus NG is cheaper than LP, and no bother having to run to the store to refill a cylinder.
NG only has about 30-40% of the energy, per cubic foot of gas, of propane though. so if the price was 60-70% less, it would really be on par.

propane is compressible into liquid though, so you can fit more of it in a smaller space, which is why it is popular in portable tanks.

NG is also a greenhouse gas (if it is released without burning). propane is not classified as harmful to the environment.

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Originally Posted by audger View Post
NG only has about 30-40% of the energy, per cubic foot of gas, of propane though. so if the price was 60-70% less, it would really be on par.
If you convert to an energy unit, the comparison is much easier. Currently, NG is ~1/2 the cost of LP, and LP is ~1/2 the cost of electricity, for the same amount of energy. $NG = 2*$LP = 4*$Elec (approximate, of course). It is easy to find comparisons in your favorite energy unit of choice.

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The original unit is no longer available. DOes anyone have an opinion on this one?

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Hey guys, how would one make use of these burners sans brew sculpture? Anyone know of any sources for small, floor stands that they can be mounted in? Or is everyone here a sculpture owner?
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I've never owned a home, and it's been awhile since I lived with my family (10 years) in one. It's been apartments. Where I'm moving this summer has natural gas - will any rental home have a hookup, or only some?

How does that work?

I know when we buy a home in 2 years or so we'll buy one with natural gas, and I'll pay for a hookup if need be.

Is it pretty easy to convert propane systems to natural gas? It's really just changing burners out, or a conversion kit of some sort right?

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