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Oct 2009
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First let me explain this marvel of a noob mistake...

I got the corn sugar in my kit, about 2/3 a cup boiled it in water (2 cups) and then bulk primed...then I get nervous that it won't be enough carbonation...run to the grocery and not really knowing the difference I add just a pinch to each bottle (using 22 oz.) and fill 'em up. I realize now the difference and am willing to take the appropriate about of razzing because of it.

My question is, should I open them up and filter them then add a little sugar cane? (been in bottles for about 22 hrs) Or will the little amount of starch added really make any difference.

Bottled 4.5 gallons of a SN celebration clone. Thanks for the help and let the good natured ribbing begin!

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I think most of the starch will settle out and what's left will just make your beer a little hazy. I'd leave it be.
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Well there is a new cause for haze.

at this point I would let the beast be !

That starch should settle out to the bottom of the bottle.
I would not mess with it. I am sure it has happened before.
be sure to aggressively chill the beer after it has had time to carb up to help with the haze.

Good luck !
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The amount of sugar in there already should be more than enough. Don't worry about the carbonation level.

I am interested to see how the corn starch thing turns out...

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Nov 2009
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I would leave it alone. I don't think the starch is very fermentable, and that amount of corn sugar will probably be ok. I don't measure my sugar by the cup any more, rather I weigh it out, and have found very good results with a lot less volume than the traditional recommendations. I would probably use 60-80g for 4.5 gal depending on the style.

Let it sit for 2 weeks, if it is still under carbed let it go for another 2. At that point if you are not willing to drink it at that carb level, you might add a bit of sugar.

You'll probably be just fine though the way it is though.
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Why were you nervous that it wouldn't be enough carbonation? 2/3 of a cup should be good for most all 5 gallon batches.

Don't try to filter the beer at this point, especially if you don't have a proper beer filter set up. You will likely have hazy beer from the corn starch, but I doubt there will too much change in the flavor.

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Nov 2009
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Corn starch is hard to mix into liquids and will probably just fall to the bottom.

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I laughed so hard when I read the title I had to reply. Although I dont really know what to say about cornstarch.
Sorry, all kidding aside welcome to the board. hehehe
Cornstarch is a thickener for most food products but I have to admit this is a new one for me. I'm thinking RDWHAHB and see if you end up with jello beer. Maybe I should not have answered this or been buzzed when I did.
Edit: how many people can answer in two minutes? da,mn thread whores!
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I do a lot of cooking. When I mix cornstarch and water to thicken a gravy or a sauce it immediately starts to separate. The cornstarch heads to the bottom of the mixing container within a minute or two. So I'm betting that it will do the same thing in your beer. You might have to be extra careful with you pour those bottles. Other than that I think you'll not notice a difference.

Good Luck...

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That's a new one, keep us posted!?
[I'm back!]

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