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Jan 2008
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Got 5 cats. 1 stray who gave birth on our bed, on the floor and in the closet. Gee. She's put on some weight. Must be all the food. Yeah. No.

The last 1 came from work. I said no way I don't need another damn cat. She figured I was wrong.
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Jun 2009
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4 cat's, one dog and three fish tanks. The fish are the only things that were not rescued or showed up.

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Look under the recliner
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Originally Posted by ChshreCat View Post
Oh, I've tamed feral cats before. People call me the cat whisperer.
That makes two of us. Our last cat came from a large bunch discovered when a bank went to check out the house they'd just foreclosed and the people had moved out. The cat we took did not like us! We keep him in our guest room and when we'd enter he'd go hide under the futon. But if you would lie on the floor and put your hand under he would let you give him a few rubs on the head. Gradually over two months, slowly but surely, he wouldn't hide as far back and would let you pet his body (still lying on the ground and reaching under). Then eventually if you'd sit on the futon he'd poke his head out and let you pet it. Finally he'd come totally out from underneath and let you pet him. Then we introducted him to the other cats.............

Now he's an extremely loving cat. He's always looking for some petting.
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Of our 6 dogs, 3 are rescues. One is a Pit/Boxer from a shelter, 1 a stray that was very fortunate that I decided to take a piss at 5AM, 1 a high content Wolf Hybrid that ate his crap and bit his breeder.

All have turned out great, the stray and shelter dogs are our "watch dogs", and they do an awesome job. The Wolf Hybrid is not even comaprable to his former self. Affectionate, respectful (no biting), and does not eat sh*t.

Moral to the story, what you put in (for effort) is what you get back....

Dogs (and any other critter for that matter) just want a decent, comfortable and respected place to exist in.
Check out Hidden Valley Wolfdog Sanctuary on facebook.

Working to save unwanted Wolfdogs from euthenasia, and educating the public about the joys and trials of Wolfdog and other exotic canid companionship.

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Sep 2009
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I almost took in a couple random cats. The first was a small gray tabby. I was leaving my house and when I opened the door, there was a cat sitting there directly in front of the door staring at me. He then tried to walk inside. I shooed him out because I've had a stray cat sneak into my house before and it was just a pain. So I went to walk down the street and the cat followed me. I stopped for a minute and he came and rubbed up against my leg. I kept walking and he kept following me and rubbing up against my leg every time I stopped. I got very close to just giving in, but the heartless bastard in me kept screaming "remember the other stray cat that snuck into your house? You don't want to deal with that". Eventually after a couple blocks, the cat walked off in a different direction.

The other was a tiny orange tabby kitten that was crawling around my friend's back yard. He came to play with us as we sat outside chatting. I really wanted to take him home. But we figured out he belonged to a neighbor. I'm still sad I couldn't have him.

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I think she's comfy in her new home...

Click image for larger version

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It's reading threads like these that help my faith in humanity return...

'sides which, you gotta have a brew buddy! (or 4)
Jill Mc

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