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slim chillingsworth
Feb 2008
Austin Tx
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hey all

last month i picked nearly 100 pounds of pears from some neglected trees. they are cored and sliced and frozen. i'm trying to find the best method for turning these into something drinkable. i have a decent juicer but that will eat up a lot of time. i'm considering just mushing them up and then racking off the pulp. any suggestions?
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Sep 2009
Detroit, Michigan
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Wow, that is a lot of pears. My thought it basically make a cider with pears. Its certainly been done before as I have drank it before. Just juice some pears and add some yeast. Wait some time, then POOF. Delicious...

There was also a guy that had a recipe that added pears to a Duvel clone. Not sure I agree with that, but pears can really be added to anything, right?

I am thinking just a lot of pears in a carboy, some yeast, and some time, then there could be a great outcome. With 100 pounds of pears you have a lot of room for experimentation.

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Jul 2008
NoDa, Charlotte, North Carolina
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find an apple orchard that produces cider and see what it would take to have them grind your pears. If they can press them, even better.

Some homebrew shops will rent you a cider press or you can build one with a little skill and a jack from your car. Theres plans in a recent issue of BYO.

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Aug 2009
Crawley, UK
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think you would be looking at making a cheap cider press and grinder for that many...

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Beer Gnome
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Sep 2009
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I would suggest using a press. Using a juicer takes a very long time between loading it and cleaning off the blade when it gets jammed.

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Jul 2009
Edmonton, Canada
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I hand pressed a measly 6 pounds of pears and hated it! The don't press easily because they're so mushy. I definitely recommend making or renting a press over a juicer or hand pressing. You'll go crazy otherwise.

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Nov 2008
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I made a pear mead nutmeg mead once. Oh, Gods did it turn out good. I juiced them by freezing, thaw, blenderize, run through a screen twice , take pulp and freeze/thaw, pectin enzyme for 1 hr, blenderize again and run through a screen. The resulting pulp may have had some juice in it but would make good filler for pies or some other such fruit pastry or even mix with some honey and use as topping for icecream. Yum.

I used 10 pounds of pears and got a little over 1 gallon. about 20 pears.

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Apr 2009
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Its probably too late this year but if you pick them while still firm they are easier to juice.
All my pears were frosted this year

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