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It does sound like you just have a snotty friend who mostly likely hates the fact that your beer is better than his even though he has the cool kegging setup. But don't always dismiss criticism, it'll turn you into the same kind of guy. Not saying you are, just as a message to everyone who was so quick to dismiss the chance of it.
If his friend would have posted his side on here instead, everyone most likely would have said how his friend (you) won't accept common criticism and try and make his beer better, just because he was a member of the community.
We're quick to protect our own here, like a good community should be, but sometimes we can be the one who are wrong.
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I just got an idea that won't technically cost any extra if you planned on kegging anyway...

Keg a batch, but carb it naturally and don't say anything. Serve it to the friend in question from the keg and see if his feedback is the same. If it is, perhaps the off flavor is real. If he says the sugar taste is gone, then perhaps he's not really a qualified taster. This also has a side benefit; he will probably be smug about you "taking his advice" on switching to kegs. You will then have the option of turning that smugness into humiliation upon revealing that absolutely nothing is different about your brew. Just be sure that the kegged batch doesn't actually taste better than the bottled batches...

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Prior to cock-punching, I'd submit a bottle or two to a competition and see if the BJCP judges taste anything odd, or bring it to a LHBS and see if they taste something similar. As IrregularPulse said, it might be a legitimate off flavor that your friend just doesn't know how to describe correctly. If you win BOS with it, then by all means go ahead with the cock punch.
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Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
Two words- cock punch.

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