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Nov 2009
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I don't have a keg but I want glass bottled rootbeer. I also don't want to risk putting them in the fridge then fermenting again and exploding. I read on the Cider forum that I can prime cider to ferment, then put the bottles in the dishwasher and the heat will kill the yeast.

Would this work with soda?

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I've never heard of that, but it doesn't sound like a great idea.
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Jul 2009
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The dishwasher might work, but I really don't know what temp it gets to and I'd rather control things myself. I recently pasteurized a batch of cider on my stove top.
  • Fill a deep pot with water halfway and heat water to about 180-190
  • Put a kitchen towel in bottom of the pot as a buffer between the pot bottom and bottles
  • Place bottles into the hot water (the temp will go way down to 130-140 but keep the heat on high and it will slowly come back up to temperature
  • Put a lid on the pot to retain heat
  • When the water gets to 160, lower the heat.
  • You don't need to go any longer than 10 minutes. The internal temp of the bottles should get to 150 in 5-7 minutes. Yeast will die shortly after

I'm going to make some cream soda soon with the same process. When I bottle, I'll use glass and at least one platic bottle. I can monitor carbonation by squeezing the plastic bottle. When it's really firm, I know it's time to pasteurize the glass bottles and lock in carbonation safely.
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to kill the yeast you need to reach 160 degrees for 10 minutes
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im curious about 212 for a few seconds?

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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by mordantly View Post
im curious about 212 for a few seconds?
I'd be quite hesitant about trying to get a liquid in a closed container that close to the boiling point, especially under carbonation pressure. If you do it, set up a camera, and wear some heavy clothes.

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Oct 2009
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Yeah, I would think that the increase in heat will force the CO2 out of suspension and increase your odds of exploding. Particularly given how long the bottles would be in the dishwasher.
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The dishwasher post was mine. My brew club's Prez does it with all of his sweet ciders. It works great for him and he's been doing it for years.
Just make sure you don't use the heated dry cycle. That will get them to hot and some may break.

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