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I believe the best approach to doing a two pot boil is to attempt to have similair gravities w/ the hops split b/w both kettles. Just think of it as making two half batches simultaneously. Don't get crazy...just brew.

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Stovetop brewing is just as easy as brewing outside, if not more so. I have a 10gal brewpot that fits easily over two burners on my stove. I actually mash on my stove in my brewpot (step mashes are a cinch that way). I routinely get 83% efficiency brewing and mashing on my stove. I actually just did a double batch of a belgian quad on my stovetop, but I had to split it into two brewpots.

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Why cant he just mash in two separate pots, boil the 2.5gallon wort and top off with water to 5gal ?

Or is the grain not gonna mash properly not having enough water/grain ratio ?

Dont worry about your efficiency, if your looking for extra gravity points why not throw in some malt extract.

My first brew was an all grain, it wasnt worth the extra cost and trouble of handling so much grain, partial mashes are great, and they arent exactly inferior, it just seems that way. Im overly proud of the hobgoblin clone i made, far exceeded my expectations!! It was a partial mash, I mashed less than 200grams of malt for a 2gal recipe.

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I do AG in two pots on my tiny stove. It takes a good 20 plus minutes to get each pot boiling, so I only add hops to one pot. They get mixed together in primary, so there shouldn't be an issue.... ?

I use an Extreme rectangle cooler for my tun. Lately, I've been doing 'no chill' and I just use my bucket with an airlock. I put a tiny piece of paper towel SOAKED in star san into the airlock and pitch my yeast the next day. Using my wort chiller in my sink, with two pots of wort, sucks. No chill makes my brew day better.

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Originally Posted by Sum1Stu View Post
Why cant he just mash in two separate pots, boil the 2.5gallon wort and top off with water to 5gal ?

Or is the grain not gonna mash properly not having enough water/grain ratio ?
No reason for that to not work, although you will want the water/grain ratio to be the same. It just would be almost twice the work, and it will be more difficult to maintain temperature on two half mashes than one larger one. But it will work.

Originally Posted by pnj View Post
I do AG in two pots on my tiny stove. It takes a good 20 plus minutes to get each pot boiling, so I only add hops to one pot. They get mixed together in primary, so there shouldn't be an issue.... ?
Well, if you calculate your hops quantity based on a 1.050 SG and you put it in the pot that has the second runnings and they are 1.020 you will have way too much hops. And the converse is true as well, putting them in the first runnings at 1.080 will way understate your hop profile.

I was wondering if boiling at the extremes (low and high SG) has any adverse effects. It seems logical that they would at least tend to even each other out but I wasn't sure if utilization is linear.

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Dont go double boil, different boils just seems like another thing to calculate. Build a 2000w heating element and partner it with your stove, or be even cooler and just build 2.
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+1 on doing a single boil in a big pot on your stovetop for all grain. A few months back a friend and I wrote an article on Popular Mechanics that details our process:


The pot I'm using is a 10 gallon Megapot I bought from Northern Brewer specifically because it is wider/shorter than most pots I was finding. The wider pot helps you spread out over two burners on a typical apartment stove.

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Wow! Way more responces than I anticipated. The heatstick Idea passed through my head. I may construct one as I am pretty handy. I currently do PMs. Love that extra mashing step aside from extract. I will be buying a 5g igloo to mash in. Don't need the 10 as I won't be brewing 10 gallon batches for a long long time. Love the ideas.

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I'm using a 5g Rubbermaid to mash in and found out on my frirst batch (Edwort's Haus Pale Ale) that it's not big enough to batch sparge in. Mine has a false bottom so I was able to do a fly sparge. My second batch (Edwort's Robust Porter) had 13# +13oz of grain and I could only get 1 qt H2O per # of grain. Was really thick and hard to stir. Also had problems with stuck sparge issues. I'm going to get a larger square cooler unless I find a deal on a 10g round.

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Sounds like your brewing situation is similar to mine! I've never had a place to brew outside so I suppose I don't know what I'm missing. I'm brewing inside using a combination of Deathbrewer's stovetop brewing tutorial and the Hombrewer's Companion sparging method.

My equipment is really basic - 4 gal pot, 5 gal pot, bucket sparging set-up from the Homebrewer's Companion (drill holes in the bottom of a bucket and set it inside your bottling bucket, drain into pot from spout).

1. I heat up mash water in 5 gal pot and add grains inside of the grain bag. My pots seem to lose a lot of heat with their glass tops so I move the pot off the stovetop and set it on some potholders on the counter. Then I wrap it in a fleece blanket which really helps prevent the heat loss.
2. Heat up my sparge water in the 4 gal, then put the grain bag in my sparge buckets and proceed to sparge.
3. For a 5 gal batch of course I end up with over 5 gal of wort so I split my boil between the two pots. Here's the really scientific part - I use my half gal pyrex measuring bowl to scoop wort back and forth between the pots to more evenly distribute the specific gravity (takes about a minute?).
4. I split the volume of wort and hops evenly between the two pots.
5. For cooling I have tried a couple of things. I have a double sink, which is REALLY NICE for the two pot method. It's actually been quickest for me to make up extra ice before hand and cool using an ice bath for my two pots in my sink since I have around 2.5 gal in each pot. I do have a wort chiller but for my particular situation it hasn't always made sense to use it.

I'm looking forward to hearing suggestions and tips from others on this thread. I've done about 10 AG brews this way and it always end with a sticky kitchen floor!

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