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Originally Posted by Bradinator View Post
Hey thanks everyone for the advice. So the general concenous is either "don't use'em" or "chop'em up and then use them". I like the idea of adding them near the end of the boil.

Quick newb question - What was meant by Converting the oats? How is that different from the specialty grain pre-boil steep?
I'd be concerned with setting the pectin if you boil them for too long. I suppose a couple of minutes may not hurt, but I'd be careful.

As for the oats - steeping them won't do you a lot of good - they need to be mashed to convert the starches into fermentable sugars. If you steep them, all you'll do is add a bunch of starch (i.e. haze) to your beer.

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Thanks again. I read up on mashing and I think I may adventure into the partial mash world of beer brewing this weekend. Here is hoping I do not create a disaster that takes like fruit cake... Though I have never eaten fruit cake before so I would only be guessing that its actually awful tasting from all the cartoons I have watched.

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PT Ray
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Found my notes when I used the raisins and prunes, 4 ounces of each. For what it's worth I think the prunes were just a bad idea and should have just used a couple ounces of raisins.

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I'm adding raisins to a Brown Ale this weekend, with crossed fingers. I've been soaking a handful or two in rye for a week and they'll get added to the secondary.

Anyone have any experience with or thoughts on this method?

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Originally Posted by JLem
Lastly, try to get raisins that do not contain sulfur dioxide, which is a preservative and could limit the yeast and possibly a sulfury flavor/aroma). Though the amount you are going to add to this brew is small enough that I imagine it would be of little consequence if you can't find unsulfured raisins.
That's the great thing about raisins. If you look at the ingredient lists of most brands, there's only one item: raisins.

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I plan to add dried currants to my next beer. My plan is to add them to the secondary fermenter (with brett, lacto and pedio) chopped up. I am not sure if I will just toss them in with no sanitization since a) it is already going to be a wild beer and b) primary ferment is already done - the alcohol should serve as a layer of protection. If anything, I may just soak them in star san for a day or so.

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Originally Posted by BigEd View Post
Put the raisins in a cake and use 125g of Special-B or CaraAroma malt in your beer.
Does the Special-B replace the Pale malt or the Caramel/crystal malt called for in the receipe

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