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Mar 2009
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get the bigger one as Pappers suggested above. If you get real tough crap caked on you can put a wash cloth in it and a lot of water and swish it around.

I did a bounce test with one while cleaning it for a new batch today and it came out ok. Damn thing got pretty slippery.

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May 2009
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I can't remember what size stopper this one is but the LHBS where I bought the BB knew exactly which one to use. Works perfectly with a 3 piece airlock.

Click image for larger version

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The washcloth trick works really well for getting that last bit of stuck-on krausen film off. I usually soak with an occasional shake for about an hour, stuff in a clean gym sock, drain it most of the way and then rock the BB on its side so that the rag will wipe the stubborn areas.

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Oct 2009
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Glad no one was hurt. I've just started using Better Bottles and really like them so far. Here's the stopper you'll want:

Or, you can use a carboy cap
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Aug 2009
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Thanks guys

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Glad your safe.. You can get 2 buckets for the price of one BB. Add a bottle spigot.

When your ready to transfer to keg a 3/8 ID hose over spigot to a 3/8 Barb-1/4 MFL and into the keg via the liquid out connection.
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Nov 2007
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For cleaning I'd definitely go with the oxyclean or a generic knockoff instead of bleach. For sanitizing you can use bleach but I think star-san is better.
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I use the 6 gal unported as my primaries.

I use fermcap s, and I ferment just under 5.5 gal in the 6 gal better bottle with NO BLOW OFF!!
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Jan 2007
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i like the orange carboy caps for my better bottles, the browns will work if you soak them in hot water before fitting on. airlocks are the same as for normal. again no brushes on the inside since it will scratch, i use the warm oxyclean soak and a loose washrag swirled around inside.

the reason the carboy cracked around the base was a thermal shock combined with just enough of a jarring when set on the concrete to crack along the thermal break. my mom used to make glasses from wine bottles using a similar process.
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Apr 2008
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I use the plastic buckets for fermenting, BBs for secondary. The BBs are great. Rinse immediately after use, maybe a little detergent and a thorough rinse, and they come clean. If not, some PBW is the cure. The two glass 5 gal. carboys that came with my original kit are now only used for long-term secondaries...and will probably go eventually.
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Aug 2008
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You should never pour boiling water into an empty glass vessel, unless it is borosilicate (pyrex, etc).

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