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Nov 2008
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I know time heals all wounds, especially when it comes to beer, but sometimes you just need those bottles.

I have dumped 5 batches in my first year of homebrewing, I don't believe any were due to infection.

1. Nuclear Porter <-- I pitched champaign yeast at the same time as ale yeast, I didn't realize I was supposed to stager them

2. Brown Ale <-- Tasted like crap, I blame the addition of brown sugar

3. Oatmeal Stout <-- I ordered liquid yeast through the mail in the summer (first mistake), I tried an extract oatmeal stout (second mistake), and since the Brown Ale wasn't confirmed nasty yet I added brown sugar (third mistake)

4. Oktoberfest <-- Smelled and tasted like canned corn. 100$ repulsive.

5. Oktoberfest attempt #2 <-- floating themometer broke in cooling wort.

I'd say that's about 25% of my batches for the year. My last 5 have gone off w/o a hitch though.

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Jul 2007
Omaha, NE
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In over 100 batches, we have dumped three.
One was a mead that never took off and turned an ugly color.
I can't remember what the second batch was but it tasted like chewing on a grapefruit rind and not in a good way.
The third just had some weird infection that clouded it up and made it taste nasty.
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Feb 2007
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i dumped around 5-6 batches in my first couple of years. one was a trippel that was critically underpitched and finished undrinkably sweet. tried everything and couldn't resurrect it. Most of the rest were dumped due to a certain off-flavor that I could never get rid of until i went AG. I dumped 3 partial kegs when we moved, and have thrown out portions of batches now and then as they started going off.

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Jun 2009
Dayton, OH
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I initially read the thread titles as "How many bitches have you dumped?"

Out of the 6 batches of made, none have been dump worthy. Here's hoping the trend continues.

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Sep 2007
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Originally Posted by PintOfBitter View Post
one was a trippel that was critically underpitched and finished undrinkably sweet. tried everything and couldn't resurrect it.
Been, there, done that. Learned my lesson. Part of that lesson was forcing every single one of them down. Will never under pitch again.

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Feb 2009
Harmony, PA
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Bottles are so cheap that no way I would throw out beer just for the bottles. If you didn't wait 6-8 weeks in the bottle before dumping than that's just a pure waste. If the beer has a gravity over 1.050 it may take a lot of time to smooth out, especially if everything didn't go perfect. I just had a wit that was flipping awful (I was 14% better efficiency than I planned on so it was 6.7% ABV instead of 4.5%) for over a month. Had a gross mouthfeel and a bland ass taste, now 6 weeks after I bottled it, it tastes awesome! If its bad, put it in the closet for a month or 2 and try again.

I had an IPA that was terrible until 3 months in the bottle, then became quite good.

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Jan 2009
Pea Green, Colorado
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Never have dumped a batch, there IS still some corn stalk beer left that I use for barbeque. After two years it is also starting to mellow. Just starting though.

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Sep 2008
Denver, CO
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I only dumped about half of a batch since I've started brewing. Not too bad for over a year and a half. Even if some stuff wasnt' particularly great it got drank eventually. You know, those end of the night beers where you know you will either forget about it or fall asleep while its half full.

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Oct 2008
Reno, Nevada
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I agree with beezer. Empty bottles are no excuse to dump beer; if you're desperate check out the alleys behind bars. Haha, I guess it's a good thing we don't bottle anymore ^_^

In two and a half years we have never dumped a batch. Not only that but there have been zero bottle bombs and zero infections. And now I will be knocking on wood for the remainder of the day
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