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Jun 2006
Oahu, HI
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I was wondering if there are any ill effects by cooling my beer in the freezer. I know if I leave it in there too long it will be a problem, but sometimes I under estimate how many beers my friends and I need, so I would like to freeze them to quicken the cooling. I won't do it if it compromises the taste of the beer.

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Feb 2005
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I do that occasionally...15 mins in the freezer.

The only difference I can find is that sometimes the head gets creamier...
HB Bill

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Jul 2006
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It depends on how warm the beer is here in Texas. I put some bottles in the freezer and set the timer for 30 minutes. It takes them from 95 degrees to very drinkable.

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Sep 2006
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I think the only problem with flavor is if you cool them below serving temperature. I agree that the head gets thicker/creamier too.

I recently made a mistake doing this though. I thought I put two in the fridge and one in the freezer. Then I took the one out of the freezer and drank it half an hour later.

However, what I really did was put two in the freezer and one in the fridge. Two days later, my wife was putting groceries away and put a bag of chocolate chips on top of the frozen beer bottle. Its cap exploded off. Luckily for me, the beer was nearly frozen solid and it didn’t spray all over the kitchen.
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The quickest way to chill them is in an ice bath, and if you have a nice container to do it in it is classy too. But the freezer isn't going to hurt them in any way.
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Sep 2006
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Originally Posted by Brewpastor
The quickest way to chill them is in an ice bath, and if you have a nice container to do it in it is classy too. But the freezer isn't going to hurt them in any way.
I believe the fastest way, short of some liquid nitrogen, would be with a CO2 fire extinguisher. (Mythbusters, anyone?) Seriously though, don't forget to add some salt to that ice bath. Works even faster.

Besides, Coors has their "sub zero" beer which is meant to be served below freezing. Ok, maybe that's not really a good point. There's also Guinness Extra Cold, which is served at about 38dF.
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Aug 2006
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I have two two liters laying on their side in my freezer which will eventually be used to Cool my Brewing Closet. in the meantime I lay a Beer on top of the two 2-Liters (like a pyramid) and it cools VERY fast!!!!
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Aug 2006
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Salty water + ice will cool a bottle down to drinkable in about 5 minutes. Putting it in the freezer is really only exposing the bottle to cold air which isn't all that good at pulling heat from it. Now, near zero degrees farenheit water, on the other hand, is excellent at pulling heat fast. This is what I do when an unexpected tasting is requested.


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