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May 2009
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Aside from brewing I'm very much an electronics whore haha. Any thing to do with Tv's, receivers, speakers, computers...I enjoy fiddling with computers every chance I get and build them for myself or others.

Homebrewing has topped off my electronics experience...nothing better than grabbing a homebrew and sitting down in the middle of my custom built home theater system, all centered around my homebuilt blu-ray HTPC

The ex thought my home theater was stupid...but the new gf thinks it's awesome, plus she enjoys the IPA I brew! My type of girl!

I also like messing with cars. I fix it when it's broke, modify when I feel like it. And just bought myself an 03 Mustang GT. I'll be fiddling with it come spring...

Needless to say, brewing is not my most expensive hobby...the electronics or car probably take the cake.

I notice that a lot of people on the HBT forum are similar to me and my friends, do-it-yourself types. I like that. It seems not enough people do that these days. I know it's done right if I do it, and it's rewarding...not to mention cheaper!

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Aug 2008
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wrenching on and restoring my cars, which goes well with beer.

a little guitar, although that one has been dormant for a while, also goes well with beer

running, which actually seems like a good idea after a few beers too, but i usally ait till after the run.

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Oct 2006
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Originally Posted by Laughing_Gnome_Invisible View Post
I light farts

You can see me lighting farts at www.surrealized.com
Lighting farts, eh. I didn't realize that was an actual hobby. I applaud you sir.

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Oct 2009
Chicago, Illinois
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Photography, hockey, paintball, jiu jitsu, and most recently brewing. I'm not married to my SO yet, but she puts up with all of my hobbies very well. She watches my hockey games, sometimes comes to paintball tournaments, and this summer was active in our university jiu jitsu club. She's a killer lady.

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Oct 2009
Groton, CT
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for me i started my obsessive phase with becoming a locksmith. I had quite literally an entire locksmith van and store inside my small 2 bedroom apartment and it was an obsession. My girlfriend didn't mind, she supported me, she got her hands dirty and learned how to pick a lock.

After that, my girlfriend and I both got into rock climbing, which is by far the most expensive thing that i have ever gotten into. We spent 3 times a week driving 30 minutes each way just to climb for a few hours before heading back. All the gear, the books, just sitting in a closet collecting dust. Speaking of that, i need to get back and do some climbing after my knee heals back up.

next came photography and the rediculous money spent on a camera. yes just the body not talking about lenses yet. bodies ranging from 200 dollars to 1500 dollars and lenses from 200 per lens to 1200 per lens. although they have made some awesome brew pics! luckily i still make it a habit of taking my cameras everywhere i go and trying to get alteast a few shots in every day.

Then came brewing. Another obsession. And still the girlfriend supports me. In fact she is the one who urges me to brew this style or make that variation. All the while she is getting herself into winemaking. I can't say that i have ever had someone so supportive or understanding in my life before and probably take it for granted.

The way i look at my past hobbies is life experience. Sure, they cost money, sure they entertain you, and sure they keep you happy. You will never lose that experience. The abilities i have because of every hobby i have ever undertaken have paid of tenfold. Locking myself out, needing to rig roping, camping, surfing, brewing, electronics, Home A/V, my cars. All things that through the course of my enjoyment of learning i have either saved myself tons of money or saved myself tons of effort.

just my 2 cents... lets keep this going, curious how many other people have set down other hobbies for brewing
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Dec 2008
flushing michigan
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Raced motorcycles since I was a kid mx,tt,drag. Then weight lifting owned a couple of gyms won a few state powerlifting championships top ten in world ranking. Started mountian biking won a couple state champinonship in the time trial, singlespeed,crosscountry. During this time I was building custom cars six magazine covers acouple articles two goodguys winners and a best of show at the L.A. roadster show.

Now I brew and made my own system.

Wow thats enough tootin my own horn.


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"I just got a new pet toaster!"
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Feb 2008
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Fishing, Ice Fishing, camping, computer crap, shooting sports, golf, sailing

I like building stuff too. My last major, non-beer related build was a sailing dingy with a stitch-n-glue process.
Black Phantom Brewing Company

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Sep 2009
Fort Collins, CO
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Keeping and breeding snakes has a hobby/passion for a long time and was my first addiction before i added brewing to it. I also snowboard all winter and fish as much as i can, and even though they have been bad to me as of late North Carolina State University sports (mostly football).

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Sep 2009
Detroit, Michigan
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I have played soccer my entire life. Two days ago I actually played in my last competitive game. I am a senior, and the season is over. It feels really weird to spend so much time and energy into something and just have it end. I can certainly play some adult leagues but its clearly not the same. Unfortunately I am not good enough to go pro either.

My other main hobby has been car building. I am currently build a Factory Five Racing GTM and having a lot of fun doing so. There are actually a lot of similarities to brewing. It is sort of a balance of a science and an art, and for both I do a lot of reading/research.

I have no wife, but a girlfriend of close to 4 years. She impressively puts up with all of my **** (hobbies and otherwise). I have no idea how...

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May 2009
Cartersville, GA
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Guitar, wood working/wood turning, bike riding (road bike) and pretty much anything outdoors.

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