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I've been searching the forums for detailed instructions on how to dry and mill spent grains into flour for use in baking bread and have come up empty. I see there are lots of post on using wet spent grains in bread and some guidelines on usage ratios in the beer, but nothing on drying and milling.

I have a heavy duty electric flour mill that I inherited from my grandparents, but I am looking for more info/advice on how to dry & prep the grains.

I plan to place grains in a thin layer on a cookie sheet in the oven at low temperature & check weight every once in a while. When I seen no more change in weight, then I can assume most of the water has evaporated out of the grains and proceed with milling.

I think I can store the milled grains in an airtight container in the fridge until baking day.

Any other suggestions?

Sean C.
Central IL

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Most of us, and if you look in this section you will find the threads on it, don't dry the grain, we use it as "whole grain" in breads.

The problem you will find is long before the spent grain can be dried, lactobacillus will take over and the grain will become slimy and stinky, and useless. That's why we usually put the grain right into the bread, or into a baggie in the freezer.

I can tell you from experience that lacto can form on grain within an hour of it cooling off. And even if you allow the grain to thaw out, you only have a short timeframe in which to get it into a bread and in the oven.

Years ago I dated a woman who raised LLamas and I thought for sure they would love the used grain so I chucked the entire 7 pounds into my freezer for a week. I took it out about an hour before I planning to leave for her place which was about 45 minutes away. Within the approximately 2 hours, when I got to the Llamas it had already turned, and they refused to touch fact they looked upon me with such scorn that they began to make that hissing sound they make before they begin spitting, so my girlfriend suggested I get the heck away from the pen.

It must be really nasty stuff...I know some folks put it out for deer and they seem to like it, but I don't think it is too palatable for humans.
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