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Oct 2009
Portland, Oregon
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Started fermentation on a partial-mash English-Style Brown Ale, and I'm seeing a very slow, un-turbulent (but, I don't believe completely stuck) fermentation. Wondering if I should repitch yeast...O.G. @ start was 1.043, after 96 hours, I'm only seeing 1.036.

A bit of agitation of the fermenter @96 hrs. produced a bit of pressure immediately through the airlock that tapered off. Never saw any vigorous fermentation within the first 30 hours...but I am seeing a little pressurization of the bucket...enough to percolate when I press down on the lid, but not enough to bubble itself. Temp has been pretty consistent...pitched at 70 degrees F, but it might have cooled to 62 w/in the first 24 hrs. before I got it stable at 68.

Here's the wort details:

7 lb. Dark Malt Extract Syrup
1/2 lb. Crystal
1/4 black patent

Pitched 1 vial of White Labs' Manchester Ale Yeast: Top-fermenting strain that is traditionally good for top-cropping. Moderately flocculent with a clean, dry finish. Low ester profile, producing a highly balanced English-style beer

NOTE: I did bring the liquid yeast out of the fridge a little early (it had ~6 hrs. to come to room temperature), so about 1/4 fizzed out a little before pitching.


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Rate of fermentation, or turbidity of fermentation is really irrevelant, as is things like size of krausen, or amount of bubbles in the airlock. The only thing that matters is whether you have fermentation or not...simply that.

If you have a decrease in gravity you have fermentation going on, that's all that matters. Since often there is a 72 hour lag time while the yeast reproduces enough yeast to do the job, and you are at 96 hours, then you may have only had 24 hours of fermentation actually happen so for 24 hours of work, going from 1.043 to 1.036, is perfectly fine.

That's why things like the 1-2-3 rule are useless, because they don't factor in things like lag time. ANd if people impose a timeline like that on them, then they may be rushing beer off the yeast and into secondary way too soon.

You have to remember that you are dealing with living micro-organisms and they have their own timeframe, their own agenda. We are not the boss here, they are. They've been making beer since long before our great great great grandfather copped his first buzz from a 40 of mickey's out back of the highschool, so they are the experts, and they will finish their job, when the job is done.

That's why many of us just walk away from our beers for 3-4 weeks, skipping primary, then we they can finish the job, on their terms.

You really don't need to add more yeast or do anything else.


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This is way too early to obsess about re-pitching - sounds like you didn't do anything wrong. Once the wort is fermenting, the yeast sets its own schedule. Give it a week, measure the gravity, and then decide whether you need to worry.

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Oct 2009
Portland, Oregon
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Awesome, thanks for the input guys. I was told this is the best darn forum around, and I'm starting to believe it! Cheers!

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