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Nov 2008
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So there I am in the garage getting ready to transfer some wort into the primary. I set my brew pot up on the chest freezer and the fermenter on the floor. Unfortunately the hose I bought to connect onto the end of my bulkhead wasn't the right size, but I wedged in on there and figured I'd make it work for now. The transfer was going just fine until I started messing around with the outflow end of the hose as I was kneeling down below the brew pot. I ended up pulling the other end off the bulkhead outflow! Before I knew it I had 120 degree wort running all over my head, on the floor and over my freezer. Did I mention this was a double chocolate stout, so the wort was pretty damn thick! I was pretty quick about shutting off the valve. Then I quickly went over to the utility sink and rinsed my hair off before it clumped together. I only ended up spilling about 1, maybe 2, cups of wort so nothing too major. But man, talk about immersing yourself in your hobby! Lesson learned: use the right size hose and secure it with a hose clamp.

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Thor the Mighty
Feb 2008
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ive made that mistake as well! check this out;

Homebrewers aren't the only ones to make mistakes though, so dont worry bud.

“I go to check on how full the drum is, and decide to put a bit more in there. I open the valve, and the mash forcefully falls into the drum. It is flowing everywhere. I try to close the valve, but it’s jammed. Mash and 170 degree water is flying everywhere. It’s a tidal wave of hot ****, all over my arms, legs, in my boots, and the brewery is a disaster.”
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Aug 2009
Memphis, TN
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Yesterday during my brewing of my first IPA i was aerating the wort by pouring it back and forth between my brewpot and my fermenting bucket. well, I kicked the valve to "on" position while pouring and didnt realize until my floor was covered with a few cups of sticky wort.

PS oh, and i had my first boil-over and my stove got covered too. Ha!!! and UT missed 3 field goals against Bama...t'was not my day.

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Oct 2005
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Early on, I was transferring a batch from the fermenter to a keg. When it started sucking yeast, I pulled the hose out of the keg and held it up while shutting the valve off. I was kneeling in from of the fermenter. The valve is one of those with a vent hole, so the hose emptied in my face.
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Oct 2009
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Originally Posted by Thor the Mighty View Post
Talk about immersing yourself in your hobby!
I loled pretty hard

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Apr 2007
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Beer is supposed to be good for your hair. You should have left it on until your brewday was done.
Hey, knock that shvt off. We're drinkin' here.

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Aug 2008
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Because I am like a bull in a china closet and I don't pay attention- I filled my right shoe up with first runnings yesterday from a Rye IPA. It was one of those adidas clima cool running shoes with the awesome ventilation, well it also lets wort in like no other, it was very hot but I was suprised it didn't burn. I powered on and it tured into a sticky mess, every time I walked it stuck to the floor of the garage. My wife even asked if I was limping but I was just trying to pull my foot off every time I took a step. When I took my shoe off my sock stayed in there. I also spilled about 2 pounds of mixed grain on garage floor doughing in. Not being one to waste, I scooped it up and put it in! So I brewed Sticky Foots- Garage Floor RyePA.

Also, about a month back I was racking an oatmeal stout over and pulled my auto siphon out to stop the process and my tubing came out of the other bucket and flopped the whole tube worth of beer on my dog who was obeserving the process. She hates the hoppy stuff but give her a little oatmeal stout and she is happy but her hair was a sticky mess.

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