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Feb 2008
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Originally Posted by ElPresidente77 View Post
El Prez 77. Lately just UFC and Left 4 Dead. Can't wait for Left 4 Dead 2!
Man FPSs without a mouse just make me angry. I have Bioshock, Mercs2 and Halo for the 360 and am completely useless at them.

Now L4D on the PC, that's another story

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Apr 2009
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TransGalactic Brewing. 2012+
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Aug 2009
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mine is "shizzlemc" right now i'm only playing gears of war least until modern warfare 2 comes out!

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May 2009
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Pocket Acez is mine. I mostly use mine for netflix but recently I have been playing Halo 3 ODST and every now and then some Guitar Hero World Tour.

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Nov 2007
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BWeaver15 is mine, but I expired like 2 years ago and never renewed.
Tap Room Hobo

I should have stuck to four fingers in Vegas.

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Jul 2009
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Cincycats15 and I'm usually playing COD MW or COD World at War

Can't wait for MW 2
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Dec 2008
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BUCKNER86 here.

I haven't been playing much (or brewing for that matter) with the kitchen renovation, but I hope to get back on soon. I recently rented Arkham Asylum, which I really enjoyed. Brutal Legend demo seemed like a blast. But I will most definitely be picking up MW2 when it comes out. MW was absolutely amazing. I can't shoot worth poop, but I have a good time with it.
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Aug 2009
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Accursed Mule - but since the baby came along and my 4th RROD, i haven't been able to get on much. about to custom-buzzsaw-mod my 360 to get it to working again, though...after i brew this batch.

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Oct 2007
Hartford, CT
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TunaSalad4499. I'm not on a lot these days, but if I'm there gimme a shout!

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Feb 2008
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Big10Seaner here, usually playing Call of Duty 4 until the new one
End of the Line Brewing
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