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Oct 2009
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I did not know that Sanborn played on Young Americans, makes sense though, that's some nice playing.

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Originally Posted by Edcculus View Post
What can I say, I like good music.

Just found it on youtube. Sounds like they cut out one of Buddy's solos around 8:08 though. Still, a great song, and my favorite drummer, second to Steve Gadd.

The first slow solo is around 2:50 and continues off and on until 5:00. They kick it up a notch around 5:15 on a sax only solo until around 6:45.

Almost half of the second part of this live version is the sax solo too

Just got chance to listen to a bit of that, it is nice. I will need to take time and listen to the whole thing. The bit of sax I heard was slow long notes which I prefer to some of the quick repetive stuff on some jazz records I have heard. Not knocking jazz just not a big fan (yet) especially the inprov stuff. But then again not being a fan my exposure is limited.

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Burrowing Owl Brewery
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I saw Saborn in '83 on the first show of a 4 concert tour where he recorded the album "Straight to the heart"

Even if you don't like jazz, Sanborn and Hiram Bullock (RIP) rocked back then

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Originally Posted by Edcculus View Post
Ha, don't know why I didn't think about this. How about Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck? I saw him play in a small bar in downtown Greenville with Jeff Sipe. There were about 30 people there. He did things on the saxophone I didn't think were possible. Between Sipe and Coffin, I had my mind blown that night.
Ed, totally agree, Jeff Coffin is the man on sax. All the flecktones are amazing, although as a bass player, Wooten drew me to the band first.

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Brewing Clamper
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This has a pretty cool sax solo, check it out...

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For non-Jazz sax, I personally really like Colin Stetson on Tom Waits' Alice. Some earlier Waits stuff has good sax as well, although maybe that counts as Jazz.

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Dire Straits - Your Greatest Trick - intro and exit - Awesome, soulful, sax.

Intro to Morning Dance - Spyrogyra - also very cool ---oops, wait, that is jazz...

I LOVE jazz sax!

Kenny G isn't over-rated, he's extremely talented - he was over PLAYED!
Sanborn kicks ass, as does Koz...

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There's actually a Janis Ian Album from the late 70's/early 80's that Clarence does the sax on. Night Rains is the album, and I think he does nearly every cut, but the song "Fly too high" from the first note, it's nearly all him. He's awesome on there.
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