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So I bottled my Devastation IPA clone this morning, and I've got a family trip this Friday. My mom's been bugging me about tasting this stuff almost since I told her I brewed, and being the good son I am, I'm planning on bringing a 6'er with me. FG was right on the high end of what the recipe called for (1.018 from 1.066), so since the gravity is on track, so I'm wondering if 5 days with carb drops and about 1 day to chill would be enough?

Not too worried about off-flavors right now, seeing as all 3 gravity samples (including 1 just prior to bottling) have been deliciously good.
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I'd say go for it, but tell your mom that it might have a little less carbonation than it would have with more aging. Or, alternatively, you could explain that it's still 'green', so after 2 more weeks of aging it would be much, much better... this will cover your bets in case she doesn't like it.
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Yeah, I'd say it's going to be undercarbed and green tasting, so probably not the best example of what you can brew.
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Warm them 80F and shake them on day two. I've had 6% beers carb in four days at 75 with no shaking. Put them on ice before you drink them instead of wasting a day in the fridge (you need all the fermentation time you can get.) Unlike force carbing the CO2 absorbs much faster in bottle conditioning because is comes from in the beer not just the head space.

A few months ago I did a experiment with a few bottles. Just after bottling I put them out in my 90F brew shed. The next day it was over 100F in there. I got home from work and put one in the freezer for 20 minutes or so. It was carbonated well but I thought something was off. I gave the other one to my wife and she didn't notice anything unusual. It proved 24 hour carbonation is possible but probably bad for the beer.
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