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Oct 2009
South Carolina
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Stay with me now...I am going to the race and plan on drinking, I don't want to drink to get smashed (so i am not looking for bud) but I want a solid beer from a can...Any suggestions out there. My favorite styles are flavorful ales, and of that group IPA, PA, and Browns....Please help, I usually brew my own, or buy bottles it has been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I purchased from a can...HELP!

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Apr 2009
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Hey Carolinaeasy, i, too am a South Carolinian and enjoy a bit of the ol' NASCAR. Going to the race is a really good time, too. I have a few suggestions:

First, you should be able to actually bring in some beer into the track, so bring a small 6-pack sized cloth cooler or have pants/jacket with large pockets. Make sure you cram cans in both the cooler AND the pockets. You need to take as much beer as possible into the race. Whether you drink it all or save a few to throw on the track after [insert driver you hate here] wins you will need as much as possible.

Second, yes, please do plan on getting smashed. If you don't, you may be the only person there who isn't. And that could get ugly. Plus, if you aren't smashed, you may forget to stand up and flip off Kyle Busch every time he goes around the track. And of course, that would be bad. I will warn you, if you fail to bring your own beer into the track, you will be forced to buy crummy BMC from huge cans, stand in large lines and have people fall on you as they lose their balance due to extreme inebriation.

But, to answer your question, get some Oskar Blues to take with you. It's all great beer - Dale's Pale Ale (hell, you could make friends with a lot of Jr. fans 'See, it's DALE's Pale Ale, whoop whoop!'), Old Chub (killer Scotch Ale, be careful, it's 8%) and Gordon (never had it, but it has a very high ABV, also.). They also make a stout, but i've never found it.

I was actually surprised at the amount of cans i was able to find in the craft beer section of my local store. Newcastle in cans the easiest to find, not the best beer, but it will do in a pinch.

Another thing, in case you've never been before, Ear Plugs - you will need them.

On another note, i actually had 2 people fall asleep at the race i went to. The person beside me and the person in front of me. I was amazed. It's as loud as sitting next to a jet engine for several hours. I have never seen that many drunk asses in my life. It was great.

Also, get there early and tailgate. It's quite the show.

Let us know how it goes.
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Probably Dale's Pale Ale

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Aug 2009
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I prefer any of the New Belgium brews in the can, preferably fat tire, mothership wit or skinny dip for a nice drinkable brew.
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