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Oct 2008
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I received my first pounds of hops from Puterbaugh. Now I'm trying to decide how to break them down for freezing. I don't need any of them right away and they're currently in the original packaging in my fridge. My dilemma stems from the fact that I haven't frozen hops before and I'm uncertain about how they'll react to thawing and re-freezing (which is likely not a concern, but I'm trying to play it safe and check here first).

As I see it, I have two choices:

1. Put hops in original 1 lb packaging in freezer. Thaw when needed and break into one ounce portions in sandwich bags at that time. Re-freeze unneeded portion. My concern with this is the thaw and re-freeze of the unused hops and what impact it may have. What I like about this course of action is that it keeps them in the superior, Hops Direct packaging for a longer time.

2. Break them into one ounce portions in sandwich bags and freeze them now. Withdraw as needed. This means they'll only be frozen and thawed one time, but I'll be removing them from the superior, Hops Direct packaging sooner.

What do you think? #1, #2, some alternative, or it really doesn't matter?

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The Pol
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Do #1...

It isnt the FREEZING of the hops that benefits them... it is basically cold storage. I mean, if you pull out a sack package of hops and measure out what you need, the HOPS themselves are what, maybe 40F? For what... 10 minutes? The difference between storing them at 20F and 40F over oong periods is actually extremely minimal.

You are overthinking this.

Leave them in the 1lb package, break it open when you need them, then reseal them in other bags, or BAG if you like at that point. Mine are in vacuum sealed mason jars, I pull them out, open them and scoop out what I need, then vacuum seal again and place in the freezer.

You wont lose anything by just placing the remainder of the full pound in ONE ziplock bag. Hops arent THAT delicate.

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I dunno about others, but I keep mine in bulk in the original package, which I then put into extra long foodsaver vacuum bags. When I need .75oz of hops, I pull the bag out, open it, break off and measure .75oz pellets, reseal, and pop it back into the freezer. The hops do not even have time to thaw out.

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Aug 2009
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I vote for #1.

Actually, I vote for vacuum sealing them. I didn't have the cash for a foodsaver, so I went with the Alvin sealer:

Thirty bucks and my hops are happy.

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The Pol
Feb 2007
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If you look at AA loss over time. Over the course of 12 months at 20F the difference in AA loss of vacuum sealed hops and just oxygen barrier packaged (sealed bag with O2 in it) is very minimal.

Say 10% loss with vaccum sealed and 20F
Say 15% loss with NO vacuum seal (but in a barrier bag) and 20F

The biggest impact is just keeping them cool, frozen doesnt matter.

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i just put them in a large vaccum bag, and use what i need. they dont have time to thaw out
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