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Jun 2009
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First thing that comes to mind is that i was told that liquid yeast doesn't need a starter. So I thought that starters must be for dry yeast then, but then after reading here I find that it is the opposite.

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Jun 2008
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When I first started brewing, I went into some little dinky camera/homebrew shop where the owner was telling me that this can of extract would make a beer like X, and this one like Y. But in hindsight, they were such ridiculous comparisons, based solely on country of origin of the extract (I think he told me that the Dutch extract would make a Heineken-like if that were alluring).

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I guess that we're lucky in Vangroovy, BC. Dan's is the only game in town and I have no complaints.

He may not carry everything, but with some knowledge about this craft you realize that he really has everything. Plus, he keeps me down to earth. His no-bulls**t take on homebrewing keeps me grounded on not getting wound up on all of the conflicting opinions, and going with a tried and true style. He's like a guru - I don't agree with everything he says; but, if I get to out of shape and confused in a thought process, he, at least, has an experienced answer to work me through it.

Oh yeah ... I've tried his beer. Awesome! That has to count for something.

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Aug 2009
Quebec city
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I was told it would take several thousands of dollars to go all grain. They leave their hops in unsealed bags in direct sunlight and sell them 10$ per 25g. I've switched LHBS for ingredients.

I still go back to the first one; it's a lot closer, good for buying caps and renting bottling equipment.
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Aug 2009
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Originally Posted by Dauntless View Post
I was told it would take several thousands of dollars to go all grain. They leave their hops in unsealed bags in direct sunlight and sell them 10$ per 25g. I've switched LHBS for ingredients.

I still go back to the first one; it's a lot closer, good for buying caps and renting bottling equipment.
Renting bottling equipment? What do you rent?

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We get threads like this all the time.... remember, not every proprieter reads every forum or book or listens to every podcast, so the last book or info they may have learned may be in Papazian from 30 years ago. They also may only brew kits. Or simply JUST be of the "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" mentality.

But not every person, especially one of those "you can't teach an old dog" types aren't going to be up on the latest ideas.

Remember to a lot of LHBS'er or employees, it is only a job..not an they are not always as necessarily passionate, or zealous learning new things, or trying new techniques, like we are....SOme even though they have been in the business forever, may never had progressed in the hobby beyond extract kits...some may rarely brew at all.

So often it is not surprising that we know more or are at least in touch with more info that someone who does it for a living....

I'm lucky I have quite a few homebrew shops to choose from, one that I can walk to, although his selection is limited due to not a lot of business (which we hb'ers in town are trying to correct)- AND he just told me that it looks like he might be moving right across the street from my loft

(and opening a pico-winery and perhaps a brew on premise)

Then halfway between work and home, around the corner from my sister's house is the Holy mecca of Homebrew shops, Cap N Cork (which IIRC is the first hbs in metro detroit) it's large, has a high turnover so ingredients are fresh, and has quite a few employees, most of who are a passionate about brewing as we are...but even there you have a few oldtimers, who don't read every book, or look at forums, so they might not be up on the latest things...

One thing to remember, This is an ever evolving hobby...Places like this is where you find the most state of the art information/wisdom about brewing, because of the sheer number of us trying new things, hearing new things, and even breaking new ground and contributing to the body of info on the hobby...Look at some of that inventions that came out of here, and then ended up later in BYO articles by our members...

It is podcasts and forums like this where you will find a lot more state of the art, or current views, and even scientific information...I mean if Jamil, John Palmer or Papazian even farts on a podcast, one of us beergeeks are going to start a thread on it within 10 minutes.

So if you are dealing with ab old school LHBS owner/employee...don't back down, and don't let him get to you...

Remember- It is HUMAN nature to scorn that which we don't understand... It even happens on here sometimes, when someone attempt to break new ground, or suggest something different from common wisdom (we still get people who scorn the idea of long primaries, and still believe in autolysis)...but it really is not the norm here.

But not necessarily "out there" in the world of Home brew shops.

In fact if you have one like that, Don't even tell him what you are doing buy your stuff, give him your money, and whistle your way out the door..knowing that what you might be attempting is probably light years ahead of HIS knowlege base.....
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Sep 2009
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Originally Posted by Pickngrin View Post
but I've heard him dispense some unusual brewing advice in the past, so I was a bit leery about going in there to begin with.

Anyone get any bad advice from a LBHS?
Talking about the one on Murphy Rd? If so, he's the same guy who told me anyone who goes all-gran is nuts and there's no reason to do so. But with the prices he charges for extract, I can see why. Not to bad-mouth too hard, but I've had alot of bad experiences there.

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Jul 2009
Bryan, TX
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I have nothing but good stuff to say about the one HBS that I go to. AHS has a great staff and they are well educated. I wish they would put a branch here in College Station so I didn't have to drive . . . . but at least their shipping is cheep.

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Austin is a bit different. Everyone knows about them. There's a reason why they do so much business and it's because they know what they're doing. I don't even know if I'd concider them a LHBS either since it's such a large company.
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Another HERMS rig...

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Jul 2009
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I worked at a HBS for a few year. I never gave anyone bad advice. I swear.

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